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John Loyd Dean Donates Thousands to Noonday Fire Department

John Loyd Dean is proud to be able to support the Noonday Fire Department with an eight-thousand-dollar donation.

HENDERSON COUNTY, TX, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2018 / -- John Loyd Dean has always been a proud supporter of law enforcement and emergency response teams. Both professionally and personally, Dean has done his best to show his support for protection services throughout his home state of Texas.

Throughout his business endeavors, he has hired over fifty employees; many of which are retired military and police officers. Dean has a deep respect for law enforcement and the military, that he tries to showcase through his business.

However, while not all his support has been monetary, Dean is proud to fund emergency services through his business.

Recently, John Loyd Dean donated eight thousand dollars to the Noonday Fire Department.

About the Noonday Fire Department

The Noonday Fire Department is a non-profit organization, which is in Tyler, Texas.

This dedicated department does all it can, not only to help the community in crisis but also to bring the community together.

Events such as the annual Haunted House, Fish Fries, and Chili Cook-Offs, keep the Noonday Fire Department involved. The department works every day to show their appreciation to their community, as well as other emergency services.

However, it isn’t all fun and games for the Noonday Fire Department. They are extremely protective and honorable of their firefighters. Each year, they hold a memorial for those that have passed on.

Plus, at the end of the year, they hold a ceremony to honor their most dedicated firefighters. Awards given at this ceremony include Rookie of the Year, Firefighter of the Year, and Officer of the Year. This is a festive time for the Noonday Fire Department, but it is also a tradition that is taken seriously.

When duty calls, the Noonday Fire Department is always ready. Fire Chief, Richard Adams and Assistant Fire Chief, Kevin Londoff never back down in the heat of an emergency. Whether it is a Noonday Department call, or if one of their law enforcement brothers need a hand; they are on their way.

In addition to being responsive, however, the department is also an advocate for training. The Noonday Fire Department knows the importance of being ready for anything.

Donation Decision

“It’s the dedication Noonday has to their community that inspired me to donate to them,” John Loyd Dean said.

Dean recognizes all that Noonday Fire Department does, in the line of duty, as well as for the community. Being that John Loyd Dean is a proud supporter of his community as well, he admires the Noonday Fire Department’s continual efforts.

Dean knows that the money will be directly helping and protecting the community. Whether it helps the department purchase updated equipment or runs the daily operations of the department; Dean knows that the eight-thousand-dollar donation is going to good use.

To close, John Loyd Dean is thankful to have a fire department through which he can garner so much pride. Having such a stable and involved fire department does wonders.

The Noonday Fire Department is not only keeping the community safe, they are keeping the community together through their efforts. Every event, outreach, and training they do is just as appreciated by the community as the fires they put out.

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