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William Gilbert Lightner discusses religious work and international travels

Having committed to a well known religious mission, William Gilbert Lightner has traveled extensively in his holy work.

MARIETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2018 / -- Visiting almost 30 countries in his role as an evangelist and public speaker, William Lightner has assisted thousands of individuals in finding comfort in religion and spirituality.

"I believe it's my duty to bring people into a closer relationship with Christ and to encourage fellowship and the establishment of prayer groups across the world," explains Lightner, a resident of Marietta, Georgia, expressing his commitment to the cause.

Before embarking on his travels, Lightner entered a six-month development process with a well known religious mission. Upon completion of this process, he set out on a journey which has thus far taken him to 28 different countries.

"The mission got me started with speaking and with traveling the world. They hold a special place in my heart," Lightner says of his affiliation to the group.

Explaining the mission's work in more detail, he continues, "The vision for any mission begins with Jesus Christ as he chose twelve ordinary men for his disciples to witness his life on earth and to be the first recipients of his teaching. The common goal is to see Jesus lifted up, and the Holy Spirit move in power and authority."

A religious mission is an organization whose goal it is to spread God's word. "This," Lightner explains, "generally involves sending individuals such as myself across geographical borders and boundaries to preach a set of beliefs, and to undertake humanitarian work among the disadvantaged and the poor."

A former member of the United States military, William Gilbert Lightner is highly-educated and has also worked in executive sales and finance. A graduate of Judson University, Illinois, he credits his education and personable nature with much of his success as an evangelist and public speaker.

Indeed, now well recognized in these fields, Lightner recently received formal recognition from Strathmore's Who's Who, with the biographical publication awarding him the title of Religious and Spiritual Services Professional of the Year 2018.

"I'm incredibly proud," he remarks, "to have been selected as this year's Religious and Spiritual Services Professional of the Year by Strathmore's Who's Who. It's fantastic recognition and a great accolade."

Chosen from over 1,000 shortlisted individuals, Strathmore's Who's Who selected Lightner for the honor owing to his continued commitment to the fields of religion and spirituality.

During his international travels and in his years of dedicated hard work as a preacher, Lightner has addressed countless vast crowds of people, often preaching to hundreds or thousands at a time. "I teach them to acknowledge fellowship, as well as faith through prayer so that they may live a more sound life as a follower of Christ," he explains.

Lightner is always keen to praise the mission with which much of his evangelical work began. "They're one organization I love doing work for," he notes, wrapping up, "and I'm forever appreciative of the chance they gave me."

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