In Home Care Expert Shares Tips to Making Your Home Senior Safe and Handicap-Accessible

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Stephanie Howe

Stephanie Howe

Comfort Keepers of Warren, NJ, is dedicated to helping seniors throughout New Jersey stay safe in their homes

Without a caregiver present in the house, there is nothing more subtly helpful to someone who has trouble getting around than grab bars and benches placed strategically around the house.”
— Stephanie Howe

WARREN, NEW JERSEY, USA, May 14, 2018 / -- Home Care: Making Your Home Senior Safe and Handicap-Accessible

Keeping yourself (or an elderly relative) safe in your old age is a very important task. As we get older, our bodies slow down in more ways than one. Seniors are statistically at a higher risk of falls and tend to heal more slowly than they once did due to the overall physical slowdown is known as retirement. If your goal is to successfully age in place without a single broken bone or an unnecessary trip to the hospital, your best bet is to improve the safety and accessibility of your home.

Even if you don't feel handicapped, a ramp and a few grab bars can make a huge difference and will be there for you on cold days when you could use just a little extra support. To get the additional safety, permanent increase in property value and peace of mind for your caregiver(s) consider at least a few of these easy home care accessibility improvements.

1: Start with a Ramp

The ramp up to your front door is the most important part of making a home wheelchair and walker accessible. This will mean you and any guests with mobility limitations can get up to your door much more easily than taking the stairs one slow careful step at a time. Ramps are relatively easy to install with or without professional help and there are a variety of ways to get funding assistance when it comes to making your home more accessible.

2: Clear Open Walkways

Once you've made your house accessible for handicap entry, it's time to think about the walkways. Modern homes tend to have wider hallways and plenty of open floor in the living areas to make it easy for a wheelchair or walker to move around. Even so, it's up to you and your caregiver to arrange your furniture in ways that define clear open walkways.

If you have frequently visiting children or pets, task them to keeping these spaces clear of their toys and other debris so that movement will always be safe for anyone in your family. This is approach is not just safer for normal walking around it can also make sure that no one trips on pet toys or fallen items while carrying loads of laundry.

3: Grab Bars and Benches

Without a caregiver present in the house, there is nothing more subtly helpful to someone who has trouble getting around than grab bars and benches placed strategically around the house. Grab bars around the toilet and shower are a no-brainer, as even someone in a wheelchair needs to haul themselves around for these tasks but you can also install grab bars in other areas. A bar and bench combination in the front hall can let you rest for a moment on your way in the door after a few tiring errands or simply set down what you're carrying near the door to continue more easily.

Bars in the kitchen can make it safer in case of slippery spills and bars around the living area provide back-up for a possible loss of balance. You can even have the grab bars double as chair-rails and ballet barres depending on the room. If your caregiver is handy with a power drill, the two of you may be able to do this one independently as well.

4: Plastic Wheel Pathways for Carpet

If you have thick carpets in your living areas that are not wheel-friendly, the best way to solve this problem is the same way people with home offices make a safe space for their rolling office chairs - plastic mats that grip to the carpet. This will both make it easier for wheelchairs and walkers to move around, keep thicker patches of carpet from becoming a tripping hazard, and will protect your carpets in heavy-traffic areas.

5: Low Kitchen Work Surfaces

If the handicapped person you're preparing for is a regular resident or visits a lot, it may be helpful to include lower work surfaces, especially in the kitchen. If you have an island, it's easy to install a slide-out cutting board and a counter surface so you or wheelchair-bound friend can be a part of the chopping and chatting phase of shared meal preparation.

Making your home handicap-accessible is a lot easier than it sounds. All you have to do is think about the flow of traffic and activity, the needs of the handicapped person in question, and where you can cleverly place a variety of accessibility features to provide help without changing the overall look and feel of the home. If you or a loved one needs a little extra help getting around, you can make your home even more welcoming with just a safety assessment, a few small upgrades, and thoughtful policies.

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Their caregivers, referred to as Comfort Keepers®, are carefully selected, screened, and trained to provide professional, compassionate assistance that meets the organization’s high standards. Through a unique approach called Interactive Caregiving™, Comfort Keepers' caregivers build true friendships with their clients in order to fulfill their emotional and social needs.

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