The John Smith Insurance Agency Discusses The Meaning of Accident Alert Status

Recently, the police department of Colorado Springs went on an accident alert status, and drivers need to understand what that means.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2018 / -- Recently, the police department of Colorado Springs went on an accident alert status, and drivers need to understand what that means. On April 7, 2018, ice road conditions led to multiple crashes on the North and East sides of the city. As a result, the accident alert status was issued. The John Smith Insurance Agency wants drivers to understand what this means and what issues can arise in multiple accidents.

A motorcycle crash occurred on Stetson Hills Boulevard just west of the Powers Boulevard and a city bus was involved in an accident on Hancock right near Monica Drive. These were just two of the accidents reported on April 7th. Because the police were working numerous accidents, they issued the alert status for less severe collisions. An accident alert status means the police will not be able to come to an accident that is called in during this time if it meets certain criteria. These criteria include no injuries, no damage to public property, the driver must not appear intoxicated, and no drivers fled the scene. If an accident meets these criteria during an accident alert status, the involved parties will exchange information and no police report will be filed.

The John Smith Insurance Agency says it is important to make sure each party gets all pertinent information before they leave the scene. John Smith explains that many people are not aware of what information is needed. “Many times, a person is shook up after an accident, and they’ll say there’s no damage and just leave.” It is not until later they realize there was damage to their vehicle, but it is too late to do anything about it if they do not have any information about the other driver.

As a provider of car insurance in Colorado Springs, Smith says he has seen this happen a lot more often than he would like. “Sometimes, people just don’t know what information they should get.” He explains that the driver should get the name, address and phone number of all parties involved in the accident, including passengers. They should also write down the make and model of each car and the license plate number. Each driver should share their car insurance contact information. Smith also recommends that the person take pictures of the vehicles and any damage they notice. He says it is a good idea to take a photo of the nearest street signs and any landmarks for reference. The driver should note the time of day and weather conditions as well. The more information the person can get will help with a claim later on. If they happen to notice any witnesses who are willing to give their information, it is important to list them as well.

Smith says that the driver should immediately call their Colorado Springs car insurance provider after they leave the accident and provide the information they have recorded. He says it is not good to wait until the next day or even a few hours because important details may be forgotten. If drivers record all important information, they can move through the process faster even without a police report in an accident alert status situation.

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