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SADC calls for unity, peace in Lesotho

Maseru, ANGOLA, May 10 - Southern African Development Community (SADC) has reiterated unity among the people of Lesotho to achieve peace and stability that ensure the country's economic and social development. ,



The appeal was launched by the head of SADC Preventive Mission in the Kingdom of Lesotho (SAPMIL), Matias Bertino Matondo.


The SADC Mission Chief was speaking to Lesotho National Broadcasting Service (LNBS) last Monday in the country’s capital, Maseru.


Matias Bertino Matondo, called for the need to take advantage of the peace opportunity open to them.


Recalling the SADC's regular interventions in Lesotho for 20 years, the head of SADC Mission stressed that it is high time the local people get together and turn "black page" of the country's history.


He said that peace process entails reciprocity, goodwill and political courage by the involved parties, mainly the government, opposition, civil society and religious organisations.


Involved parties were also urged to place the nation's interest first.


Matias Matondo said peace was running smooth despite some constraints, but insisted on the urgent implementation of the reforms recommended by SADC, with priority to constitutional ones.


In its Extraordinary summit recently held in Luanda (Angola), the SADC Double Troika of Heads of State summit made a series of recommendations, mainly on the constitutional reforms.


The SADC Mission chief urged everyone to contribute and help the government carry out the reform process.


Lesotho experiences political crisis, following the assassination of its Army chiefs in 2015 and

2017, respectively.


SAPMIL comprises 217 military personnel, with Angola represented by 162 staff.