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BHG Fit, Andro SARMs should be added to Enhanced Athlete lawsuits

Newly created SARMs outlets are the same people selling the same products as Enhanced Athlete, according to court filing

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 30, 2018 / -- A federal judge has been asked for two newly-created companies selling a class of synthetic steroids to be added to a false advertising lawsuit against supplement company Enhanced Athlete.

The two companies, BHG Fit and AndroSARMs, are operated by the same defendants behind Enhanced Athlete, according to court documents filed April 26 in U.S. District Court in Sacramento.

Enhanced Athlete announced in an April 20 press release that it would no longer be selling SARMs, but on the same day announced through marketing channels that it would be starting AndroSARMs, which sells the very same products as Enhanced Athlete, and uses the same trademarks and trade dress as Enhanced Athlete, according to the motion.

“AndroSARMs is described by the Enhanced Athlete marketing apparatus as being ‘the exact same people, the exact same products’ and stating that ‘all flow has been directed to AndroSARMs,’” the motion states, adding that Enhanced Athlete also sends customers to purchase SARMs through BHG Fit under similar circumstances.

Enhanced Athlete has been the subject of public scrutiny since rival supplement company Nutrition Distribution, of Phoenix, filed lawsuits last year.

On April 16 a federal judge ordered attorneys defending Enhanced Athlete to produce founder and spokesman Anthony Hughes (aka “Dr. Tony Huge”) for deposition in the United States. Hughes, who has been alleged to promote SARMs and DNP, left the county in 2017 after the lawsuits were filed and has not returned to the United States since.

Enhanced Athlete’s United Kingdom branch was raided by food safety investigators who seized a large amount of DNP, a pesticide and herbicide sold for weight loss which has killed several people in the U.K. according to The Guardian.

The FDA raided Enhanced Athlete’s Sacramento operations and CEO Scott Cavell’s home on Dec. 6, seizing SARMs, experimental drugs developed by pharmaceutical companies to combat muscle and bone atrophy associated with degenerative diseases, but marketed and sold to bodybuilders to gain muscle. YouTube terminated Enhanced Athlete’s YouTube marketing and promotion channel on Dec. 22 for violating community standards.
Cavell was arrested Feb. 6 for violating terms of his parole following federal incarceration for his role in running a multimillion-dollar mortgage fraud scheme several years ago.

“Greedy and stupid is no way to go through life,” said Robert Tauler, counsel for Nutrition Distribution. “Someone has to help these guys. If their civil lawyers Rutan & Tucker are incapable, then the government must step in with full force and put an end to Enhanced Athlete’s brazen criminal enterprise.

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