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Nicolas Andreasson

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, April 29, 2018 / -- Nicolas Adreasson, a US based entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful businesses has partnered with Cellements® to bring the world a unique line of Bio products for a healthy lifestyle, which is available exclusively only for Cellements’ partners. Since the end of last year, Nicolas and the international team at Cellements have been working hard on the expansion of the organization now with worldwide distribution.

From a revolutionary alchool-free hand and screen spray, that is designed to keep you and your cellphone protected against any bacteria, to a natural insect repellent, an antioxidant spray, a cellular skin protection spray and others, the BioPocket series of products are all Made in Sweden, a well-known country with tradition in innovation.

Not only the company has partnered up with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world, as Mr. Andreasson, but they also joined together a team of international experts in the Bio Tech industry to make sure the BioPocket line of products is effective, user friendly, and most important environment-friendly. Or as Cellements simply introduces them “a series of products developed with both nature and human in mind.”

Nicolas Andreasson is a believer in personal connections and in his opinion great businesses are carried by people for people. “I am always keeping one in my pocket. It was amazing going to my daily meetings or restaurants, and as soon as I started using it, all of the sudden people kept asking me What is that? This made me think that is something each and everyone could sell”, said Mr. Andreasson.

With a convenient packaging and the size of just a credit card that can fit any pocket, BioPocket is a unique line of products developed in the 21st Century that will help people all over the globe live a healthy life. As recent studies showed, our cellphones are 10x dirtier than our toilet seats. So here is another good reason why people love these products so much.

Customers can also use the BioPocket App available in Google Play stores and App Store. The BioPocket App has excellent features that reminds you when it’s time to clean your phone and also give you the opportunity to share photos and send messages to your friends reminding them to also clean their phones. The app also sends you notifications about daily bacteria cleaning, reminding you to clean your keyboard, hands or other surfaces.

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