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Missouri Joins Six-State Regional Effort, “Driving High? Kiss Your License Goodbye!”

NHTSA Launches New Enforcement Blitz Against Drug-Impaired Driving on 4/20

KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and law enforcement officials from the states of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas and Oklahoma announced a tough new drug-impaired driving enforcement campaign—Driving High? Kiss Your License Goodbye!.  The event occurred today on 4/20 – a date associated with cannabis culture. Officers from six state highway patrols joined dozens of officials from all six participating states to announce the program of zero tolerance for drug-impaired driving from April 20 – 22.

Starting today through Sunday April 22, up and down the highways and roadways of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas and Oklahoma officers will be arresting anyone suspected of drug-impaired driving. Members of law enforcement, representing more than one hundred agencies will cover thousands of miles of roadway throughout the midsection of the country during the enforcement campaign.

Organizers expect this very visible law enforcement presence to dissuade drivers from driving while under the influence of any kind of drug – legal or otherwise.  It is never safe to drive when impaired. This not only means refraining from drunk driving, but also from drug-impaired driving. The perception that driving while high does not adversely affect driving ability is wrong.  It has been proven that THC – the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects – slows reaction times, impairs cognitive performance and makes it more difficult for drivers to keep a steady position in their lane.

The bottom line is this: It doesn’t matter what term is used, if a person is high, stoned, wasted or drunk, he or she is impaired. Driving while impaired by any substance is illegal and can be deadly to the driver and other road users.

“I thank law enforcement from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas and Oklahoma and the professionals from each State Highway Safety Office for their tireless work on this critical issue,” said Susan DeCourcy, Regional Administrator, NHTSA, Region 7. “Remember that all impaired driving regardless of the type of impairment – illegal drugs, legal drugs or alcohol – is against the law. Driving High? Kiss Your License Goodbye!”

At today’s event, officials from NHTSA and law enforcement from all 6 participating states made brief remarks regarding the enforcement campaign. The officials, their Federal or State affiliation are as follows:

  • Susan DeCourcy, Regional Administrator, NHTSA Region 7
  • Colonel Sandra Karsten – Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • Colonel Mark Bruce – Kansas Highway Patrol
  • Colonel Jeff Ritzman - Iowa State Patrol
  • Colonel John Bolduc – Nebraska State Patrol
  • Colonel Bill Bryant – Arkansas State Police
  • Lieutenant Colonel JD Wilson – Oklahoma Highway Patrol
  • Sgt. Logan Bonney – Olathe Police Department

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