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By Ben Mitchell, candidate for Congress

US immigration agents boarding busses in violation of the law and arresting people in violation of the US Constitution, that’s a description of fascism.”
— By Ben Mitchell, candidate for Congress

When US immigration and border patrol agents board public busses without a warrant signed by a judge and they arrest people without any reasonable suspicion of any wrongdoing, those agents are breaking the law. Those agents are violating the US Constitution.

Where is the outcry against this indecent persecution of a scapegoated minority?

When a major corporation like Greyhound enables US immigration agents to board its busses in violation of the law and arrest people in violation of the US Constitution, that’s a description of fascism in action. Greyhound has cooperated in this fascist behavior for more than a decade.

Back in 2008, Greyhound offered a classic fascist justification for helping the government violate the law and the Constitution – according to a Greyhound spokesman, Greyhound does not participate in the violations, Greyhound just allows them: “We are under no obligation to inform customers of law enforcement activity at any time.”

In January 2018, in a video that went viral (some 5 million views), a Florida man documented US immigration officers carrying out an illegal search and arrest without interference from Greyhound or protest from the passengers. This is the way people behave in a police state, not a free country.

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is petitioning Greyhound to end this law-breaking practice that it has enabled for months across the country. The ACLU calls Greyhound to task for supporting the Trump administration’s “cruel and unconstitutional assault on immigrants, and the ACLU calls on Greyhound to obey the law:

“Greyhound must not throw its loyal customers under the bus as part of Trump's racist, anti-immigrant agenda. It's unconstitutional, unfounded, and just plain wrong.”

Some states, including Vermont, have pushed back against the Constitution-destroying actions of the Department of Homeland Security, whose behavior echoes American depravity in Vietnam. Only now, in a self-immolating mantra, our government is setting about to destroy he Constitution in order to save it.

Ben Mitchell is a 50 year old teacher from Westminster, Vermont. He is a Democratic socialist who has previously run for office as a Liberty Union candidate. This year is an insurgent candidate in the Democratic primary seeking to replace a ten-year incumbent whose objections to a decade of illegality, unconstitutionality, and the absence of common decency have yet to be heard.

Ben Mitchell
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