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Kim Habibi Plans To Host Event To Explain Basic Money Management To Those Who Need Assistance

Tips and resources will be provided to those who attend

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2018 / -- Learning essential money management skill can have a profound impact on a person's life. But yet, not many schools teach these critical skills to young people. Kim Habibi wants to change that and host an event that shows essential money management to those who need it.

The basic principles of math are a regular subject while growing up and during school, managing money usually never becomes taught. These necessary skills include balancing a budget, using a checkbook, knowing what a savings account is, and much more. Habibi wants these critical money management skills as the focus of the event.

Habibi does not want the event to turn into a class-like atmosphere. The ideal situation would be multiple topics in different rooms and attendees can pick the ones they want to attend. This setup would allow attendees to choose which items they want to learn more about, skipping those they already know.

"The classroom setup sometimes does not work when teaching certain topics," Kim Habibi explains. "Having the style more as a convention than a course provides options and peaks interest."

While the event is for towards adults, Habibi does hope teenagers, and college students attend. The earlier a person becomes familiar with proper money management skills, the better they will be in the future.

The idea of the event came to Habibi when other people in the community realized the local schools were not teaching essential money management topics. Also, the city does not offer any programs covering the subject.

While the event has become more evident it will take place, Habibi has a long road before announcing any final plans. But the idea has become not just a one-time deal. Habibi wants the event to take place multiple times.

"Anybody can brush up on money management skills," says Habibi. "Having the option to attend a convention that is local and benefits your family is a win-win for everyone."

While the topics have yet to become finalized, Habibi has shed some light on what will become available.

Setting A Budget
The fundamental level of personal money management is setting a budget. A budget and spending plan for an individual is a map for telling how much money you have to spend each month.

Attendees have the option to learn how to create a detailed budget which allows making smarter decisions with money.

The most important aspect of keeping up a budget requires a person to think about a possible purchase. Instead of making impulse buys, a budget needs one to think about if they can realistically make the purchase.

"It's all about having a precise picture of how much money a person has and what they spend each month," says Habibi.

Importance Of Savings Account
Millions of Americans have a checking account but no savings. For whatever reason, people do not see the importance of having a savings account. Habibi hopes to change that.

"A savings account can assist a person with many different money management aspects," explains Habibi. "From overdraft protection to emergency situations, people need to learn that a savings account can be significant."

Teaching the younger generation about a savings account can set them up for financial strength later on. Saving a few dollars a week to savings adds up and teaches discipline when it comes to money management.

"Once someone gets in the habit of placing money in their savings account, it becomes second nature," says Habibi. "Before the person knows it, they have a large savings account."

Citizens in Habibi's community can expect an announcement later in the year about the event. Habibi hopes a big crowd comes out for the event.

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