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Canine Influenza Outbreak Treated by Danville Veterinarian

/EIN News/ -- DANVILLE, Calif., March 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A San Ramon Valley veterinary clinic implemented a community initiative working with local dog owners due to a canine influenza outbreak affecting bay area dogs in the Danville area. As a result, those affected received vaccinations and the outbreak is now over.

“I am happy to report we have gotten a handle on the influenza outbreak,” says Danville veterinarian Jeff Johnson. “It’s been an uphill battle, but everyone in the community came together and worked hard to get this under control. We have been able to educate everyone on the signs of this influenza and have successfully administered vaccinations to keep the outbreak at bay.”

There were over 400 dogs confirmed with the canine influenza. Although highly contagious, the diligence of the community in locating these dogs contributed to catching it in the early stages. Because this was such a new occurrence, owners were not aware of how this outbreak could be transmitted. They now know it can be passed from one sick dog to another, or the virus can be brought into the home through clothing or shoes once they have been exposed to a dog who has been infected. While most dogs are not seriously affected, some can experience fatal pneumonia as a result of this influenza.

Working together makes a huge difference in the way these situations are handled. In Danville, most dog groomers and kennels are now requiring proof of the vaccine being administered prior to having dogs enter their facility. Service dog groups in the area have also implemented this requirement.

“Our overall goal is to ensure every animal receives the treatment they need to remain healthy,” says Johnson. “Just like adults, animals get sick too. Understanding why and how this can happen will assist in keeping outbreaks at a minimum. Adults get flu vaccines every year, and animals should be treated the same way.”

About The Veterinarian: In addition to treating canine influenza, Tassajara Veterinary Clinic treats heartworm, dental diseases, pet allergies and pet ear infections with preventive care and general surgery. The clinic recommends all pets visit the veterinarian once a year for a checkup. This includes a full physical exam, which includes gum and teeth cleaning if needed. If they are not a previous patient, providing a full medical history on the animal is necessary.

Dog owners should remain vigilant on this issue and make sure their pet has all their required vaccinations. To determine whether or not your dog has signs of canine influenza, and for more information, contact the Tassajara Veterinary Clinic at 925-736-8387 today or visit