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Over 1,000 former FAPLA members receive demobilization subsidies

Menongue, ANGOLA, March 12 - At least 1,336 former FAPLA soldiers and sergeants, demobilized in 1992 in Cuando Cubango, started on Monday to receive their allowances after registration in 2015. Among the beneficiaries are 560 from the municipality of Menongue, capital city, 300 from Cuito Cuanavale, 193 from Cuchi, 19 from Dirico, 35 from Cuangar, 51 from Mavinga, 95 from Rivungo and one from Longa (Cuito Cuanavale).,

From the former FAPLA, 1,016 are soldiers, 45 are first major sergeants, 95 first sergeants, 48 second sergeants and 138 third sergeants. For the soldiers the value is 55,000 kwanzas, while the first sergeant is of 161,000, 2nd sergeant 135,000 and sergeant major 233,000.

Speaking to the press, shortly after delivery to the first beneficiaries, the head of Recruitment and Mobilization of the command of the 5th Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), Colonel Matos Guedes, explained that this is the first phase of the process.

He added that the process is continuous and will be phased by the municipality, and the officers will have their continuous payment and the others, from another class, will receive the subsidies in the Social Fund of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA).