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An Extraordinary Coffee Will Be Served at Cafés Saint-Henri. It’s Price? $9 a Cup

MONTREAL, March 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For a limited time, coffee geeks will have the opportunity to try a truly unique cup of coffee at Cafés Saint-Henri.

An Extraordinary Cup of Coffee
For a limited time, coffee geeks will have the opportunity to try a truly unique cup of coffee at Cafés Saint-Henri.

Luis and Oscar Monge, Producers
Luis and Oscar Monge, the producers of this exceptional nano-lot, on their La Lía farm.

The team of coffee hunters found the rare special lot in a coffee laboratory in Costa Rica, amongst several tables of blind coffee tasting.

The cup offers complex tasting notes from strawberry sirup, vanilla, orange zest to rhubarb, amongst others.

“Each year, we travel to meet coffee producers and find their best lots. This year, we had the privilege to taste a coffee that was strikingly superior to anything we had tasted during our trip. The coffee came from the sub-region of San Lorenzo, Tarrazú. Right after our cupping session, we just knew we had to buy it and share this tasting experience with our customers, whatever the price tag.”
          Jean-François Leduc, Coffee Buyer and Owner, Cafés Saint-Henri

The coffee is from a tiny lot on a parcel called “Pie San”, situated on La Lía micro-mill. The coffee buyers gave a total appreciation score of 89% (a first), based on the Specialty Coffee Association chart.

A myriad of factors, perfectly aligned, explain this year’s exceptional results: ideal meteorological conditions, the exotic varietal (SL-28), the meticulous harvesting, the process and the slow drying methods, amongst others, all contributed to achieve outstanding cup results.

Only 4 vacuum sealed boxes (120 kilos) of this elixir were produced, which qualifies as a “nano-lot”. Cafés Saint-Henri purchased half of it.

As the quantities are limited, it is estimated that no more then 200 cups will be served throughout the 6 locations of the Company, based in Montreal and Quebec City. Small whole beans packages of 45 grams ($20) or 90 grams ($40) will also be available through pre-orders in each Cafés Saint-Henri or through the online store.

“Our customers are ready for this type of coffee experience. In any given restaurant, they will pay $10 and up for a glass of wine. Why not pay $9 to taste one of the best coffee coming out from Costa Rica?”
          Julie Audet, Director of Quality Control, Cafés Saint-Henri

The nano-lot Pie San SL-28, from micro-mill La Lía, will be available as long as the limited stocks last. The special coffee will be served in its unique receptacle: a handmade ceramic cup and saucer with real gold accents and SH markings.

About the Company
Cafés Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur is a wholesale roasting business as well as a growing network of corporately owned specialty coffee shops. Since its opening in 2011, the Company has been recognized for exceptional coffees that are selected directly at origin, for coffees that are produced from Cooperatives with organic practices, and for exclusive private batches of coffees sourced through selected importers.

As of today, the Company operates 6 Cafés as well as 2 roasting facilities: in Montreal and Quebec City.

The Company is privately owned and managed by its sole owner, Jean-François Leduc.

Jean-François Leduc 
(514) 267-0803

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