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New Book Launched on Valentine’s Day Empowers the Heartbroken to Find Freedom from Obsession

Not everyone will get a Valentine’s card and flowers from the one they love on 14th February.

BRIGHTON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 12, 2018 / -- Written from the life and experiences of Elaine Numan, ‘He Loves Me Not: Coping with Obsession’ is a life-changing book especially for those whose heart yearns for another, cannot stop thinking of them, and are emotionally paralysed by obsession. This practical, step-by-step guide will prepare anyone to discover a bold new sense of self and independence after a relationship ends or when love is unrequited.

With a combination of practical advice and warmly helpful personal insights, ‘He Loves Me Not: Coping with Obsession’ by Elaine Numan will help any reader obsessed with another person break this painful emotional cycle.

The ‘mechanics’ of obsession work very similarly, in principle, to that of an addiction; we are ‘bound or devoted’ to something or someone, and a real or imagined need is not being met. This in turn causes us to go into a state of emotional withdrawal. And it’s a painful state to exist in. It can cause us to act in harmful and damaging ways, both to ourselves and others.

When we obsess about someone, we keep it – and them – current in our minds. But that’s a cruel trick, an illusion that we create to deceive ourselves. There’s part of us that doesn’t want the intense pain of loss to become a part of our past; it doesn’t want us to move on. To do that would be to accept the even more painful reality that the person we love doesn’t love us back. So, by keeping it current inside us and obsessing we avoid letting it go. This book will help the reader understand what obsession is, how it works, and offers a practical step-by-step self-help program like no other in its field to achieve freedom from obsession with another person.

Elaine Numan says; “No one likes to admit that they’re obsessed with another person and everyone will remember for all of their lives how much it hurts when their heart is broken. I want people to understand that this pain can potentially be the best gift they could have been given,” explains the author. “There’s an amazing opportunity to grow from emotional pain, indeed any adversity if we choose to. By looking at their situation and life with a new perspective, anyone can break the spell of obsession, to learn to love not just others again, but more importantly themselves.”

Continuing, “This book takes the reader through their situation in a way they will never have seen or appreciated before. By sharing my experience and how I personally overcame obsession, my goal is to help readers find new prosperity, balance, satisfaction in life and love.”

‘He Loves Me Not: Coping with Obsession’ is available from Amazon and bookshops now:
ISBN-10: 1983418668
ISBN-13: 978-1983418662
Paperback / 136 pp

Elaine Numan
He Loves Me Not: Coping with Obsession
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