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Recently Launched Platform Proposes Daily Ritual to Promote Healthier and Happier Lifestyles

DR1224 is a strategic platform that provides an opportunity for individuals to share their wellness stories and journey in an educational manner.

DR1224 is developed with the concept of motivation through education.”
— Izza Jahari, PhD
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 7, 2018 / -- Health and wellness has been at the forefront of today’s generation. Many individuals are at a stage where they have accepted the need to make healthy changes to their daily routines, but feel they are unable to do so because of lack of motivation, desire, or knowledge.

A community-driven source of inspiration could fill in the gaps by providing reputable information and unique personal perspectives for the health conscious. The outcome would involve creating a daily ritual for leading healthier and happier lives through the use of a singular platform containing scientific data, knowledgeable professionals, and everyday individuals.

With a pressing need of raising health awareness, education, and inspiration, Dr. Izza Jahari developed a strategic idea that can change the way people go about living their everyday lives. Daily Ritual 12/24, or DR1224, is a new online platform that provides individuals with a central hub for all of their health and wellness needs. DR1224 has created a community of health and wellness experts (professionals and businesses) to collaborate, share knowledge and information, provide support, and uplift individuals to create an ideal “daily ritual” for overall wellness.

Unlike other online database/information platforms, DR1224 is a community-driven platform that connects everyday individuals and professionals. People from all walks of life can write in forums/blogs about their health and wellness journeys, experiences, and stories to share with others.

The idea is to connect everyone on a deeper level so that others going through similar experiences know they are not alone. “DR1224 is not just an online community board. It is much more than that. DR1224 is developed with the concept of motivation through education”, says Dr. Jahari. DR1224 provides a platform for people to share stories, ideas, and learn from each others’ experiences with the goal of promoting a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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DR1224 is an interactive online platform / tool that connects worldwide health and wellness communities on a global scale.The platform was established to serve as a community-based health and wellness essentials hub. DR1224 will focus on its target market, health and wellness enthusiasts who are looking to network with like-minded people by creating and sharing content about their wellness journey, and to be always “in-the-know” about the latest research and major breakthroughs in the health and wellness industry. We will strive to abide with DR1224 core values, which includes offering a user-friendly online platform dedicated solely to health and wellness, giving our members exclusive access to share their wellness advocacies and journeys, and provide them with a voice to share first-hand information in the industry to keep them ahead and give them competitive advantages.

The live platform enables both individual users and businesses (or company’ accounts) to hold an educated, proactive, and concentrated conversation about a variety of topics related to an overall healthy lifestyle. In bridging the gap between the science and wellness arenas, DR1224 brings opportunities to stakeholders, contributors, experts, and consumers alike within its single platform to create a greater understanding and appreciation for the underlying science behind healthy living. DR1224’s five sections serve as a tool for users to go beyond basic lifestyle topics to delve deeper into health, wellness, life balance, happiness, mental health, technology, love, relationships, career, family news, writing, and research.

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