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New Online Service Platform Proposes to Improve Community and Economy-based Efforts

Take It Easy With EezyBee

EezyBee is a new marketplace platform that brings together Service Providers and Service Seekers to create unique opportunities that benefit the community

We do not want to just create opportunities for a particular group, we want to create win-win opportunities for the collective community”
— Izza Jahari, Founder
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 1, 2018 / -- The Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, an international movement that implements thousands of healthy community projects, networks, and initiatives worldwide, states that a healthy community can be measured on a specified set of criteria. Of this criteria, one key point stands out in relation all others: social, economic, and environmental factors are all crucial determinants of human health and are interconnected. In essence, social, economic, and environmental factors need to work cohesively in order to make for a healthy community. If one element is weak, the rest begin to falter.

This information should be concerning for many Americans, seeing as how these factors vary greatly across the United States. The U.S Census Bureau estimated that 43.1 million Americans lived in poverty in 2016, a figure that threatens the bonds that build for stronger communities.

In an effort to provide a solution for establishing more cohesive communities, EezyBee, an online marketplace platform, aims to positively impact social, economic, and environmental aspects. EezyBee focuses on doing so by contributing an all-inclusive platform that connects local service providers with those seeking their services. On EezyBee, individuals can monetize their hobbies, skills, or special talents by offering them as services, whereas service seekers can use the platform to find capable service providers to handle all of their daily needs.

The team behind the platform places an emphasis on their community-driven effort and proposes to progress community health by supporting local services. EezyBee is offering a place for individuals to strengthen social bonds by getting to know those who are in their community, by providing an opportunity to improve financial well-being at no initial cost, and by reinforcing environmental efforts using a paperless-digital platform.

“We do not want to just create opportunities for a particular group, we want to create win-win opportunities for the collective community.” Izza Jahari, the founder of EezyBee, stated that her idea was to create a unique platform that offered something to the everyday individuals. EezyBee’s goal is to bring more awareness to community health-based efforts. By providing a platform that directly addresses the key aspects that make for a healthy community, they have the potential to create a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

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EezyBee is a community driven online service marketplace, a tool used to connect local service providers with local service seekers. The platform was created to present untapped opportunities for service providers to offer their hobbies, skills, or special talents as services and receive payment. The platform was also created to provide service seekers with seamless, trustworthy, affordable, accessible, and reliable access to services in their area. The goal is to allow our users to create more time for the more important things in life. We aim to support our target market, or anyone who is seeking to improve their financial situation. With this in mind, we also champion the notion of community-based health and encourage our users to get to know those around them for stronger social bonds and healthier lifestyles.

We extend a welcoming offer to our users to start their own business cost-free, risk-free, and on a low-commitment basis.

The live platform allows users to post their services, hire service providers, schedule and manage ongoing services, send/receive payment for all completed services, and incorporates many other exclusive features. We’ve created a mobile version to allow our users to manage their services on the go for a more streamlined experience as well. We encourage anyone who seeks a better financial future or anyone who requires service to join our platform and receive the benefits EezyBee has to offer.

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