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Cover Story: Weathering the Storm Pt. 3 – Lending a Hand to Our Fellow Americans in Puerto Rico

Jack London was born 142 years ago today. Though best known for his wilderness novels The Call of the Wild and White Fang, London was also a progressive and passionate advocate of unions. In January, 1904, he penned an article on business ethics for The Atlantic magazine where he described a scab as: “The laborer who gives more time, or strength, or skill, for the same wage, than another, or equal time, or strength, or skill, for a less wage, is a scab. This generousness on his part is hurtful to his fellow laborers, for it compels them to an equal generousness which is not to their liking, and which gives them less of food and shelter.” Eleven years later, in 1915, London wrote his most well-known poem on the subject entitled “Ode to a Scab.” #PROUAW #UnionsMatter ... See MoreSee Less