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Kim Habibi Hosting Backyard BBQ Next Summer For Local Children's Club

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2018 / -- Summer is months away, but that has not stopped some from planning events for the hot season. Kim Habibi is in early plans to host a backyard barbeque for the kids of the local children's club. With months to plan, Habibi is hoping to schedule a significant and unique event.

But rather than making the event just about serving food to children, Habibi wants to make it unique for the adults too. That's why she is planning for local BBQ businesses to take part in a competition between the pit masters.

Habibi says the idea would get some of the more prominent BBQ restaurants in the area to cater the event for the children while gaining attention around the city. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

"The event caters to the children of the club," explains Habibi. "They get to come out and have fun, enjoy great food and the sunshine. But having some of the best BBQ joints in the area serve them will be great."

There are plenty of local parks in the area big enough to host an event of Habibi's size. Most BBQ restaurants in the area have food trucks. This fact means more businesses can compete and have their kitchen to use on the venue's grounds.

While the children eat some of the best BBQ in town, the businesses will compete for different awards and prizes. Also, the competition will bring out adults to try some food and judge which business is the winner for respective categories. A percentage of the sales will go towards the children's club, and the winner takes home winnings as well.

Also, the children will be able to take part in different games and activities at the park. From ball and bucket toss to turtle races to floating duck pond, the boys and girls will earn prizes during the day. Plus, Habibi hopes a dunk tank provides more fun for the adults and children. All of these games and their funds will go back to the children's club.

Habibi has spoken with the local children's club about hosting the event, and they are more than happy about the idea.

"The event still is in early planning," says Habibi. "But the reception I have received all points to the BBQ party happening in the summer."

Because of the large gathering, Habibi needs to iron out logistics of the event. This aspect means renting large tents, tables, chairs, and other means of aiding the day will have to be planned well in advance. But Habibi hopes to gain the help of local businesses and provide vendor stations to attract more funds for the cause.

"I plan on selling sponsorship tables and vendor tents to businesses," explains Habibi. "The additional funds go directly to the club, and the vendors will have plenty of foot traffic to sell goods."

Another reason why Habibi plans to have this event is the lack of similar activities in the area. Others cater to the adults, but not many are for children.

"The children's club will have a fun time during the day," says Habibi. "That does not mean other children can come out and enjoy what we offer. But all funds will go to the children's club and help with funding their projects."

The projects Habibi mentions is buying equipment that club needs year-round. Plus, Habibi hopes enough money becomes raised so the organization can purchase a new bus for traveling. The old transport bus continually needs repair, and the new coach would handle a headache the club has faced all year.

"If we raise enough money for the club to buy a new bus, I would be enthusiastic," says Habibi.

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