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Mary Ann Benigno Planning To Set Up Community Classic Car Show

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Mary Ann Benigno 1

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Mary Ann Benigno 2

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2018 / -- Nothing can bring a community together for a charitable cause like a fundraiser with tasty food, a live music group, and a parking lot full of gorgeous, classic cars with their hoods propped up. That's why Mary Ann Benigno is in early planning to host her own community classic car show in the spring.

"When the weather warms up, people will start to be more out and about," says Benigno. "No better time to use the advantage of warmer weather to see some great cars, and raise money for a great cause."

Although it can involve plenty of time and effort to plan an event of this size, Benigno is ready for the challenge. The driving force behind her determination is assisting a local charity. Also, planning a car show to benefit a good cause should not have to be complicated.

"With proper planning and support from the community of loyal residents, I hope to put on an extraordinary event," proclaims Benigno.

While she may not be able to convince Ford or Chevy to donate a vehicle to raffle off, there will be neat prizes. But the main attraction of the program will be the classic cars parked in the lot for showing.

Benigno says there are already similar events in the area. This information is helpful for her because she knows plenty of classic cars will show up on the day of the gathering.

"I've talked to some of the classic car owners, and they are extremely excited about helping a good cause and bringing their cars out," says Benigno.

As far as location goes, Benigno believes the large parking lot in the center of town will hold cars, vendors, and the massive audience. She will then have to work with the city about permits and what the regulations precisely are. She believes the city will be behind the cause since it is helping charities.

Benigno knows not everyone is a lover of classic cars. Because of this fact, other forms of entertainment will be taking place on the same lot.

"I plan on having live bands perform, and setting up vendor tents for games and food," explains Benigno. "The little ones will be capable of running around and having fun while the adults enjoy the cars."

Just having the coolest cars in one place won't be enough. Benigno knows this event is strictly for raising money. Attendees and car owners will know this right off the bat when they inquire about the car show.

"The local car clubs have held fundraisers before on their own," states Benigno. "I do plan on asking for their assistance in promotion and spreading the word."

Benigno has yet to decide on which charity will benefit from the car show. She admits more than one could split the money, helping more children and organizations.

"I want a charity that helps children to benefit from the funds we raise," says Benigno. "Also, I know a few local organizations need assistance. The money will be going towards worthy causes."

She also mentions that this could turn into a monthly occurrence if the crowd is big enough. Like other car shows and gatherings, the event could become a tradition in the community.

"Ideally, I would love for this to happen frequently," says Benigno. "Becoming a regular event in the community, and each event raises money for a different charity is the ultimate plan."

Finally, classic car shows connect families and members of the community. The event gives a reason for people to go out and interact with other residents.

"New friendships can form, and families get to know each other," concludes Benigno. "And in the end, money becomes available for people in need."

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