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Jared Hadaway To Host Talent Show For Community To Raise Awareness For Children's Club

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Jared Hadaway 5

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SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2017 / -- Many schools, camps, and organizations hold talents shows because they are entertaining, involve the community, and give citizens an opportunity to show off their unique skills. Jared Hadaway is planning to host his talent show at the local community theater for the city.

Hadaway is in the early with planning the talent show for students and residents. A committee is currently being organized consisting of students, parents, and local city leaders.

"This committee will be liable for overseeing the planning, promotion, and implementation of the talent show," explains Hadaway.

Funds From Show To Go To Charity
The critical aspect of the talent show has become the fundraising plan. Everything sold at the talent show will go towards the charity the committee chooses.

Shirts, food, tickets, and program money will all go towards the charity. Attendees will have the confidence knowing each dollar spent go towards a worthy cause.

Another offering to the audience will consist of flowers, ribbons, and other favors that they can give performers. Hadaway hopes all flowers and other gifts become donated by local businesses.

"The talent show is a way to bring the community together," adds Hadaway. "Not only the citizens and performers but local businesses and government."

Hadaway has already spoken with local theater officials about holding the talent show. Setting a date will be the next priority.

"The theater has all the technology and stage room for the show," says Hadaway. "Plus, it can hold hundreds of people in the audience."

Separate Prizes For Each Age Group Of Participants
The talent show will have independent age groups and individual prizes for winners. But Hadaway hopes to have gifts for each participant. Again, these awards expect to become donated from local businesses and citizens.

Hadaway has also spoken with students from the local high school about the talent show. The students expressed their excitement to show off their talents to the community, but also help a local charity.

"Students would love to show off non-academic skills that they wouldn't be able in a school setting," explains Hadaway. "From performing music to a special skill, all are welcome."

Planning a talent show takes months of planning. Hadaway hopes a late spring date will bring more students and attendees out before summer vacations take effect.

Because of the months of planning and setting a date for later in the spring season, Hadaway believes students can learn a new talent for the show. These skills and abilities could include magic, musical instruments, or standup comedy.

"Allowing enough time for participants to practice their act and will give them more confidence," says Hadaway. "This confidence will help them on show day and their nervousness."

Hadaway plans many of the parents will help backstage with some of the younger children. A familiar face will assist in hindering stage freight before a child goes on stage.

"Practice makes perfect," adds Hadaway. "I know setting a date for later in the year will help everyone involved. And it gives the committee plenty of time to promote."

Next Step Of Planning
Once Hadaway sets a date and has the local theater confirmed, flyers will become available to various locations in the city. These areas include the schools, shopping plazas, and government offices.

The last aspect of planning is choosing a charity. The committee will decide, and all attendees will know the money will entirely become donated to the cause.

"There are so many charities and organizations that could use the help," says Hadaway. "I wouldn't be surprised if we choose more than one charity and split the funds. Every dollar will help."

In the end, Hadaway believes the community will come continue to support the participants. He also believes that some participants could turn some heads and lead to further opportunities.

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