Global Unnatural Amino Acids Market is Projected to Reach USD218 Billion by 2022

Unnatural amino acids are growing rapidly in research stature for pharmaceuticals, food and feed additives, agrochemicals, and other industrial applications.

About 18% of the leading drugs and agrochemicals include amino acids in their synthesis. Unnatural amino acids can make proteins 30 times more effective in treating cancer.”
— Anasuya Vemuri

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, December 4, 2017 / -- Modern drug discovery research is increasingly experimenting with unnatural amino acids, the non‐proteinogenic amino acids, either natural or chemically synthesized. Their unlimited structural diversity and versatile applications are being used as chiral building blocks and molecular scaffolds in building combinatorial libraries. Any amino acid, or its modified derivative, or its analog which is not incorporated into protein normally during translation of protein synthesis is deemed as unnatural amino acid.

RI Technologies' Market Research Report on Unnatural Amino acids gives an insight into the different types of Unnatural Amino Acids (ß-Amino Acids, ß-Amino Acid Derivatives, Cyclic Amino Acids & Derivatives, D-Amino Acids, D-Amino Acid Derivatives, DL-Amino Acids, DL-Amino Acid Derivatives, L-Amino Acid Derivatives and Other) and their application areas such as R&D, Pharmaceutical, Food & Feed, Agrochemicals and Other.

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The study includes historic, current, and future markets for 2010 -2022 for the global Unnatural Amino Acids market by type and application. Regional Analysis is covered separately for North America (United States and Canada); Europe (UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, and Rest of Europe); Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, and Rest of Asia Pacific); and Rest of World. The text is complemented with graphical representations of 293 exhibits. Compilation of Worldwide Patents and Research related to Unnatural Amino Acids market size is also provided. Information related to industrial activity, corporate developments, research trends, product releases, product developments, partnerships, collaborations, and mergers and acquisitions is also covered in the report.

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The key players highlighted in the Unnatural Amino Acids market research report include:
AbbVie, Inc. (USA)
Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (Japan)
AminoLogics Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
AnaSpec, Inc. (USA)
BASF SE (Germany)
Biological E Ltd. (India)
C-TRI Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Evonik Industries AG (Germany)

Business profiles of 58 major companies are discussed in the report. The report serves as a guide to global Unnatural Amino Acids market covering more than 500 companies that are engaged in Unnatural Amino Acids R&D, synthesis, discovery, testing and supply of derivatives, products and services.

Aminologics’ core technologies are slated to meet the increasing demands of the amino acids market. The company’s unique ARCA technology is a universal solution for the optical resolution of various amino acids in any-scale.

Ajinomoto, the leading producer of amino acids globally, introduced a unique technology for the production of peptides from new enzymes. The method reduces cost and the difficulty in producing dipeptides and oligopeptides and peptides containing unnatural amino acids.

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Key Findings of the Report:
• Some amino acids such as isoleucine, threonine, and hydroxyproline exhibit second center of asymmetry and hence can exist in four sterioisomeric forms.
• Gramicidin, Octreotide, Vanomycin, and edeines are some of the examples of peptide antibiotics containing unnatural amino acids.
• Several unnatural amino acids, for instance L-nor-leucine, L-nor-valine and L-tert-leucine are employed as precursors to manufacture numerous drugs.
• Unnatural Amino Acids market is a rapidly growing in the intermediates sector. Majority of the products utilizing these compounds are pharmaceutical intermediates (β ‐ Lactam Antibiotics).
• For the large-scale production of unnatural and nonproteinogenic amino acids Transaminase enzymes are being used more and more now.
• About 18% of the leading drugs and agrochemicals include amino acids in their synthesis. Unnatural amino acids can make proteins 30 times more effective in treating cancer. For example, L-Homophenylalanine is an unnatural amino acid and is an effective drug for the therapy of hypertension and congestive heart diseases. Diagnostic / Therapeutic medicine are the important application areas of unnatural amino acids.

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