Dental Laser Therapy Applications in Japan Suggest New Markets for US Dentistry

Dr. Nelson Marquina Training Dental Laser Therapy

Collaboration of a US chiropractic university, an advanced dental practice in Tokyo, and a US laser expert yield promise for complex pain and dental solutions

US dentists should take note that there is a market for patients who would choose safe, non-addictive support for complex pain conditions with laser therapy.”
— Dr. Nelson Marquina

RICHMOND, VA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2017 / -- Dr. Nelson Marquina, MSc, PhD traveled to Japan to teach the first US university-certified laser therapy training program for Japanese dentists. While there, he visited the dental clinic of Dr. Katsuhiro Nakazawa, DDS, PhD, a nationally-recognized TMD expert in Japan, who presented dental case studies using laser therapy in the training program.

Dr. Marquina, founder and President of USA Laser Biotech, a therapeutic laser company, is an internationally-recognized expert in the clinical applications and technology of laser therapy. Previously, he taught laser physics and laser therapy in the US, Asia and South America, but this first-of-its-kind-dental-training event in Japan evoked a surprising variety of questions and suggested applications from Japanese dentists.

Participant interests in laser therapy ranged from the conventional areas of application, such as TMD, periodontal disease and pain relief to more complex issues, like osteonecrosis of the jaw, Parkinson’s Disease and atypical odontalgia known as “dental phantom pain” in Japan.

Dentists in Japan are generally more integrative and whole-body-health-focused in their dental practice than their US counterparts. Therefore, Japanese dentists in the training program currently integrate laser therapy with nutrition and full-spine rehabilitation. Japanese dentists may employ chiropractors and utilize acupuncture in combination with laser therapy in their practices, even though these offerings are not covered by their national insurance program.

But the most surprising take-home for Dr. Marquina was that laser therapy is the first response by these dentists when treating severe pain conditions, rather than using opioids, surgical interventions and other medications. "US dentists should take note,” said Dr. Marquina, “that there is a market for patients who would choose safe, non-addictive support for complex pain conditions with laser therapy. Although there are US dentists using laser therapy for pain management, they are few, far too few.”

According to a report by the insurer, Delta Dental, “Oral-facial pain represents approximately 40 percent of the cost of chronic pain in the United States.” As early as 2010, published dental research acknowledged the analgesic effect of laser therapy in the treatment of orofacial pain for indications of tooth hypersensitivity, post-operative flare-ups, mucositis, facial myalgia, TMD and neuralgias.

Dr. Nakazawa says, “Lumix laser therapy is a very powerful biological phenomenon, especially for central sensitization. It makes difficult problems such as fibromyalgia or neuropathic pain much more treatable with limited use of pain medications.”

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