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Dr. Bahram Habibi Planning Wine Tasting Event to Raise Money

Dr. Bahram Habibi

Dr. Bahram Habibi

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2017 / -- Over the past few years, wine tasting fundraisers have become a popular and successful event for charities. Dr. Bahram Habibi is planning on capitalizing on the success of these events to raise money for the local children's hospital.

Dr. Habibi has made many connections in his line work over the course of his career. From fellow doctors to patients, there's a vast number of people he has become friendly on a personal level.

"I've had the pleasure of engaging with people from all aspects of my job," explains Dr. Habibi. "I hope these connections help with spreading awareness about a potential charity event."

Benefiting Local Children's Hospital

There are many causes Dr. Habibi could dedicate the event's funds and awareness. He decided on the children's hospital because he has worked closely with the facility.

In recent years, Dr. Bahram Habibi has become close with some of the hospital's patients. A bond with some of the patients and their parents made the decision easy for Dr. Habibi.

"I hope that when this plan comes to life, I can bring awareness and necessary funds to helping research and care," explains Dr. Habibi.

"But hosting a wine tasting event is not as easy as people think."

How Will The Wine Fundraiser Work?

Dr. Habibi explains the complicated procedure of hosting a wine tasting fundraiser.

First, almost all wine tasting fundraisers partner with a local wine merchant. These merchants will usually offer sample wines. They also give potential donors a unique tasting experience, and the opportunity to purchase win.

One way the fundraiser makes money for their cause is through getting a percentage of the wine sales. Dr. Habibi plans on having multiple wine tasting fundraisers in the next year.

This plan means the amount of money raised just from wine sales will help the overall cause.

Potential Donors Attending Fundraiser

While raising money from wine sales is excellent for the fundraiser, Dr. Habibi is hoping to get most of the donations from attendees.

"The goal with this critical fundraiser is to raise money. So I would hope many of the attendees would be open to donations," says Dr. Habibi.

The attendees would come because they support what Dr. Habibi is trying to do. That is trying to better the lives of patients at the children's hospital. This fact should be able to help Dr. Habibi raise a lot of money.

Another aspect of helping raise money at the wine tasting fundraiser is a silent auction.

Silent Auction Idea Could Help Cause

Dr. Habibi is planning on contacting favorite local vendors in hopes of donations.

This plan will allow the wine tasting fundraiser to feature a silent auction, with the money going towards the children's hospital.

Throughout his thought process, Dr. Habibi has pitched the idea to several close colleagues. They have mentioned a silent auction as one of the feature pieces of the fundraiser.

"I hope many of the attendees can donate to a great cause, but also leave with a unique item," says Dr. Habibi.

Final Stages Of Planning Fundraiser

It will take time and energy from Dr. Habibi to get the plan in motion. Volunteers, wine vendors, and donations will still have factored in before this project comes to life.

"It's written out, step by step," says Dr. Habibi. "All of the time and energy into hosting this event will be worth it. Seeing the look on the children's faces at the hospital when they realize so many people care about them will be humbling."

Only time will tell if Dr. Habibi's event will happen. But if it does, the local children's hospital will benefit significantly from the donation.

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