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5 British Cannabis Companies to Keep an Eye On


The UK therapeutic cannabis industry has grown to be the largest in Europe and could challenge the global medical cannabis industry.

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 21, 2017 / -- For a long time understood to be too conservative a culture to allow for government reform for medical cannabis, the country has quietly been cultivating it’s own therapeutic cannabis industry that has grown to be the largest in Europe and looks set to take on the global industry.

The following 5 British Cannabis Companies are highlighted for insight, keep an eye on this emerging cannabis country, keep an eye on British made CBD.

1. GW Pharmaceuticals
No list of UK cannabis companies would be complete without a mention of GW Pharma. The worlds largest cannabis company, and the one with current FDA approved cannabis medications in the market. British founded by Justin Glover in 1999, when most countries we’re oblivious to the concept of cannabis as a treatment.

GW biopharmaceutical company known for its multiple sclerosis treatment product Nabiximols. Under the brand ‘Sativex’ it is the first cannabis plant derivative medication to gain market approval in any country.

With a market cap of $3bn, and expected approval on it’s CBD product Epidiolex this is a British cannabis company to keep an eye on.

2. CBDBros
One of the first movers in the UK CBD industry and continue to grow despite their many detractors. The company have no problems stating on their website they extract CBD from indica strains (ie: not hemp and therefore not legal).
The company is well known for well-priced, basic but effective products.

This is a company that will either continue to grow and ride the regulation wave or could find themselves in hot water with the authorities. Either way, keep an eye on CBDbro.s

3. LoveHemp
LoveHemp was the first lifestyle CBD brand to enter the UK market in 2015. With a distinctive rustic packaging and branding, this is a brand that is positioning itself in the premium market with value prices. LoveHemp products are well received amongst the industries early adopters.

This is a company that is going the distance, attention to detail on both product quality and brand will enable this company to continue it’s youthful market growth.

4. CanaVape
Another of the countries early movers. CanaVape hit the market in 2015 with what fast became recognized as the market leading CBD eLiquid range. Unlike other companies delving into flavorings to enhance the vape experience, CanaVape turned to terpenes to add flavor and therapeutic effect.

CanaVape have a wide range of CBD & CBG eLiquids and has recently created a line of CBD capsules and oils. With Mixed Martial Art (UFC) sponsorships, this is a strong sports brand for vaping enthusiasts… keep an eye on their new product lines.

A relative new entrant in the UK therpeautic cannabis market, though the founder has long roots in the Israeli medical cannabis industry. CIITECH has a focus on research and innovative product development. The company recently announced a pre-clinical trial with Professor Raphael Mechoulam to investigate the potential of CBD to treat Asthma. The company say’s they have more studies underway.

CIITECH sells two CBD brands, Provacan is the classic CBD range including; oil, eliquid and balm. Herbalica is a range of traditional herbal remedies with ‘a boost of cbd’ the line includes; CalmTime, HisTime, HerTime, MindTime, NightTime. Keep an eye on CIITECH as they use old skool science to prove and validate their way to market share.

This is a fast-growing industry with figures revealing 250,000 people now use CBD potion on a regular basis.

Cannabis Trades Association UK also states there are now around 1,000 new users each month, despite the oil being shrouded in controversy.

Michael Avery
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