Author Uncloaks The World That Hates Us

The World that Hates Us: Our Promised Inheritance

Author Uncloaks The World That Hates Us

BANDERA, TX, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2017 / -- The world is changing fast. Many individuals say they want to make a difference, but don’t know how. Bob Jamison is among those who believe people need to turn to God and look for His purposes to find their purpose in life, and he commits to this aim through his novel, The World that Hates Us: Our Promised Inheritance.

While being a nonbeliever himself for over 20 adult years, Jamison experienced the process called "the war on poverty" in the 1960's. The federal government recognized that social problems in this country were growing worse, but they couldn’t seem to respond effectively so they were trying to get local leaders with citizen participation to solve these problems at the local level. They wanted heavy participation of churches, but they did not get it, other than a few individuals. Similar to the many interested individuals today, the churches didn’t seem to know how to instill biblical processes to solve social problems.

These problems are many times worse today than in the 1960's, and seemingly impossible to solve. The United States leads the world in prison population, the rate of divorce, teen pregnancies and suicides, sexual deviancies including sexually transmitted diseases, single parent households, drug and alcohol consumption and overdosing, pornography production and consumption among others.

Jamison sees that God has opened the door for the church to become active in welfare services to all ages using word of God processes led by love and the other fruits of the Holy Spirit. He sees that government must cut employees and welfare services in order to rebuild our military to combat many enemy terrorist organizations growing in territory throughout the world. They are in 16 nations and counting and have untold number of terrorists in this country. There are other unbudgeted essential undertakings such as rebuilding the areas destroyed by hurricanes and wildfires.

He believes churches need to fill these positions in every state and continue services using biblical processes. He also proposes a plan to lift the financially hurting to middle income levels through creating relationships and helpful tasks in the church. The book also enumerates several other problem areas needing church administered solutions that will follow or coincide.

About the Author:
Now in his mid- 80's and a widower, Bob resides in the hill country of Texas, 40 miles NW of San Antonio. He observes some major life experiences formed who he is today. In addition to loving parents, Bob was partly raised by a black live-in maid who, for some reason, thought he was the greatest kid on earth. Doubtless, it was her close relationship in his life that, later as an adult, made him concerned with the plight of the poor and needy of our society. He learned perseverance, a requirement of writers, taking piano lessons, practicing daily for many years until he now plays by ear for fun, playing spiritual songs to the Lord as a prelude before each worship service. He worked in local government in the 1960's in a position requiring his helping governments to plan and coordinate together, learning the tremendous value of the unity of separate entities. While working on "War on Poverty" programs, he also learned of the limitations of government in solving social issues, and recognized the church, when involved in social problems, was better suited for such transformation efforts. Fully saved at age 41 in 1973, Bob was drawn to Christ for the Nations Bible Institute; then graduated with a Bachelor of Theology degree from Fountain Gate Bible College. Fountain Gate taught him about figurative language in scripture, embracing the principle taught by St. Augustine, perhaps the most influential theologian of the early church. St. Augustine wrote the New Testament lies hidden in the Old, and the Old Testament is enlightened through the New. Augustine's teaching prepared Bob to respond as a scripture researcher to the statement of Jesus to His disciples in John 16:25, "These things I have spoken to you in figurative language." His research led to the writing of his book, The Extraordinary Gospel of John, now being published, in which he interprets some of the allegorical figurative language in the first 11 chapters of John, concluding that John wrote two gospels in one. Soon after he was saved, the Holy Spirit led Bob into many tests and trials, giving him several early lessons in humiliation. Many of these painful humbling and character building experiences, Bob describes in this book, The World that Hates Us: Our Promised inheritance, The Extraordinary Gospel of John, and The Spiritual Language of Creation and More, soon to be published all under the mark: Beyond the Biblical Letter. If it is God's plan to leave me on earth beyond that, I will tackle The Book of Revelation. Bob also has a B.B.A. degree (finance major) from Southern Methodist Univ., worked in the credit union industry for 15 years, and an M.A. degree (city managing major) from the University of Texas and worked in local government for 13 years. He is a retired Captain in the Naval Reserve. He currently writes weekly newspaper articles about the work of Helping Hand Crisis Intervention Center for both Bandera newspapers. Earlier, Bob volunteered for 5 ½ years for Helping Hand, helping to coordinate churches assisting families and individuals in crisis with hope and resources to get back on their feet. He also served as Treasurer for Helping Hand and wrote a financial feasibility study that led to the construction of the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic which provides health services for the uninsured low-income families residing in his county.

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