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Olisol Petroleum Press Release: Olisol's Response to Tethys Petroleum Press Release dated November 14, 2017

HONG KONG, Nov. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OLISOL Petroleum (hereinafter – Olisol) today announces that it acknowledges Tethys Petroleum (hereinafter – TPL) press release with its Q3 financial results dated November 14, 2017.

Taking into account Olisol’s experience in oil and gas market of Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia in general, and taking into account the market trends in terms of current internal petroleum and diesel prices, in Olisol’s opinion, the price stated in TPL’s financial results ($7.66 per barrel or $59 per tonne) is set too low and does not correspond to the oil price TAG can have.

According to the report by Argus Caspian Market agency (issue 10, #44 dated November 15, 2017), the average oil price at Kazakhstani refineries is $568 per tonne of 92 RON, $492 per 1 tonne of summer diesel fuel and $208 per 1 tonne of naphtha oil.

A 12% increase in oil price mentioned in TPL’s report does not reflect the dynamics at oil and petrochemicals market and current fair oil price at Kazakhstani internal market.

Since January of 2017, TPL’s subsidiary, TethysAralGas LLP (TAG) sells oil only to two companies – PRAX-AK (from January to June of 2017) and Petroleum Treid LTD (from June till present time) with which it signed long-term oil supply agreement. Both of these companies relate to one of TPL’s shareholders – Medgat Kumar, who bought 43 951 698 shares for $0,01593 per share in November, 2016. The total price of stock of shares made $700 151.

Also, Olisol believes that the share issue for Jin Guang and Prax PTE Ltd in November, 2016 was performed without the permission of competent authority and when the shares were issued no proper notice was send to the Kazakhstani competent authority on shares issue according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

About Olisol

Olisol is headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan and its subsidiaries and affiliates have investments in energy and oil and gas operations in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. Olisol has worked with Tethys in Kazakhstan for over seven years, is a joint owner of the Aral Oil Terminal with Tethys and has its own fleet of special oil trucks involved in oil transportation from Tethys’ oil fields. Olisol, through its affiliates, is engaged in railroad transportation, processing of oil, storage and sale of oil products.


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Darya Klimova
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OLISOL Petroleum Limited
Tel.: +34 64 515 08 69

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