Comedone Extractor Kit Becomes Unexpected Best Seller for Christmas just for the Teenage that has everything!

Blackhead and Blemish Remover Kit

One of this year's biggest Web surprises is the sudden success of Neil MacKenzie who started his Aotearoa Beauty company from a laptop in a coffee shop.

LOS ANGELES, LA, USA, November 14, 2017 / -- Neil’s brainchild is the Aotearoa comedone extractor kit, a collection of surgical style tools to remove blackheads. "Every teenage in the tech world is focusing on apps and social media. But what the average teenager really needs is a way to remove blackheads and pimples safely and simply," Neil said from his office.

The blackhead kit was first placed on where it quickly shot up the charts in popularity. In less than 2 month the kit had earned more than 550 five star reviews, an accomplishment usually reserved for the hottest new technologies and media releases.

See the blackhead kit on Amazon at: Aotearoa Blackhead and Blemish Kit

"Who knew blackhead removal was going to be as hot as the latest iPhone for teenagers? I just figured there are a lot of teenagers who would like a more effective and healthy way to make their face look better," Neil said.

The Aotearoa Blackhead and Blemish Remover Kit contains five blackhead and pimple removing tools packed in a handy leather case carrier. The tools are double ended and made from stainless steel. They never rust and can easily be cleaned and sterilized.

"These are the same surgical tools used by top dermatologist all over America. Now you can have your own set to use any time you like," Neil said.

It is important not to squeeze or pop pimples and blackheads with your fingers. That can cause pain and infection that can leave the face scared. Instead, experts say to use proper tools to treat blemishes. The tools are easy to clean in hot soapy water and do not carry bacteria. They are typically dipped or wiped with rubbing alcohol.

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