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SimyBall- award winning Biofeedback game controller and gaming apps to combat job stress and ADHD in children

SimyBall biofeedback game controller

Girl playing SimyGames with the biofeedback game controller SimyBall

The Viennese Startup SimyLife has launched its first Kickstarter campaign today

The SimyBall is the greatest invention in the field of biofeedback in the last 20 years.”
— Peter Hauschild - psychologist - biofeedback expert
VIENNA, AUSTRIA, November 14, 2017 / -- The Viennese start-up SimyLife launched its first Kickstarter campaign for the award winning biofeedback game controller SimyBall today. Thanks to the training expertise gained from their longstanding experience in high-performance athletics and games development, the SimyLife team has designed a game controller that registers users' body signals and uses them to playfully enhance their performance and concentration.

The global rise of digitization and increasing stress levels have led to changes in human synapses. These result in both a reduction in our powers of concentration and creativity and in health problems, and may even cause burnout. (Statistics see below*). Studies have shown that the methods commonly used to prevent stress are time-consuming, expensive and do not provide lasting motivation. Which is why companies and achievement-oriented individuals who want to improve their performance and stress tolerance levels are looking for new, efficient ways to prevent stress.

Excessive consumption of digital media and computer games can impact children's academic performance or even lead to social isolation. This has already been communicated by both researchers and the media over the past years. More recent studies have however shown that moderate use of computer games can enhance intelligence.

This is the focus of the Viennese start-up SimyLife and their mobile biofeedback device and game controller SimyBall. The SimyBall uses sensors to register physical signals and provides direct, colour-coded feedback on the user's current stress levels. The user receives additional support in the form of games, mental training apps and digital coaching. This means that the SimyBall system offers users controlled gaming options that provide both children and adults with feedback on their own current physical condition and enable them to enhance their performance and concentration. Thanks to the specific "gameplay", every game - which implicitly takes only a short amount of time, around 5-10 minutes - involves completing a targeted training programme which can easily be integrated into daily working life and is also suitable for children.

"The idea for the SimyBall originated in high-performance athletics", says SimyLife CEO and former top-ranking athlete Andreas Chabicovsky. "Athletes use training and regeneration phases consciously to enhance their performance. But this information about our bodies is frequently lost under the pressures of everyday life. Even the knowledge that we want to do something for ourselves does not always keep us on the ball. This is where we come in with the SimyBall. The SimyBall registers the signals sent by your body and playfully enhances your performance."

"As both a teacher and a mum, I view the SimyBall as a pedagogically valuable, motivational, and playful tool for enhancing concentration and relaxation. On top of that, it's also a fun toy and you don't have to feel guilty about allowing your children to play with it in a controlled manner. We are looking forward to it!"
– Nicole Aberle, elementary school teacher from Austria.

“SimyBall could become the crucial factor for mental training to get the ticket to Mars”
- Guenther Golob, “Mars One” Astronaut Candidate

"As a future psychotherapist, I highly recommend the SimyBall! I am currently writing an academic paper about the ball and its uses in treating children and young adults with ADHD. Very promising!", Michale Wilim

The SimyBall system (made and designed in Austria)

• SimyBall
The SimyBall is a mobile game controller and biofeedback device in the shape of a ball. It measures the user's pulse rate, skin conductance (skin resistance) and body temperature. The user’s stress levels are displayed as colour-coded feedback. In this way, the SimyBall helps improve the user's perception of their body's reaction to stress. The user learns how to identify how much stress has an activating function and how much is too much.

• SimyGames
The specially designed SimyGames (gaming apps) are controlled by the SimyBall using movement interactions and play buttons. The vital statistics recorded during use are integrated into a personalised and fascinating gaming experience and determine the user's success. All the gaming apps are based on mental training methods designed to increase self-regulation skills, e.g. concentration and relaxation skills, and mental performance.

• SimyCoach
The virtual coach provides the user with comprehensive support in the gaming app by offering a range of tips and tricks.

• SimyLife app
The SimyLife app is the central coaching app for all the SimyLife applications.

Key data for Kickstarter campaign:

- Launch date November 14th, 8:00 am (CET)
- Duration 30 days
- Link:

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