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Remembrance Day: Heart Fit Clinic Helps Local World War Two Veteran's Heart Health

Remembrance Day is a day to remember all those who have served our country. Heart Fit Clinic is proud to be helping local veterans improve their heart health.

It is such an great source of inspiration, to see a 94-year-old determined to keep improving his heart health.”
— Diamond Fernandes
CALGARY, AB, CANADA, November 10, 2017 / -- Heart Fit Clinic helps a local veteran live a better quality of life with heart disease. Mr. Wes Mummery, 94 years young, has been living with heart disease for many decades. He served our country proudly, representing bravery and inspiration to many, including those with heart disease.The Heart Fit Clinic focuses on helping people live healthier lives by preventing and reversing heart disease.

Heart disease continues to be a leading cause of death and hospitalization for men and women. But for Mr. Mummery, he is determined to live a healthy life. Diamond Fernandes, Director of the Heart Fit Clinic, has been working with Mr. Mummery for many years, focusing on the clinics' 3 Es; Education (focusing on nutrition, supplements, and stress management), Exercise, and ECP (External Counterpulsation). "It is such an great source of inspiration to see a 94-year-old determined to keep improving his heart health" says Fernandes.

We have known for years that exercise is medicine, walking into your grocery store can be better than walking into your pharmacy, and ECP or EECP (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) increases circulation. When you combine all of these with increased circulation, you promote healing. External Counterpulsation is a non-invasive treatment to improve blood flow and circulation to the heart. This provides new hope for people with circulation concerns such as heart artery blockages, heart failure, angina, and diabetes. Recently published, ORBITA Trial in Lancet shows that elective heart surgery such as heart stents are not the best answer for people who have non-emergent artery blockages. This is where the Heart Fit Clinic focuses on natural, non-invasive, and evidence-based medicine to prevent and reverse heart disease.

Patients who do have heart surgeries, such as heart stents always wonder how long does a heart stent last. Well, it is a metal object going into a coronary artery. Many times they can close up, or undergo re-stenosis. Medications have some benefit but it becomes more important to focus on lifestyle therapy and ECP (External Counterpulsation). It is important to know that heart surgery (heart stent and bypass surgeries) is there for emergent purposes but is still not a cure to heart disease. Cardiac rehabilitation - and more importantly, implementing a heart health regimen - is the key to a long life.

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