You Won’t Be Hearing “You’re Fired” At This Startup

Castle V plans to achieve a stress-free culture by combining co-living, co-owning, and co-working inside modern-day castle.

We’re trying to eliminate people’s fears and free up time so they can work and live a stress-free life.”
— Castle V Co-Founder

DALLAS, TEXAS, November 9, 2017 / -- Castle V is like no other startup we’ve ever seen. This startup believes they have the ideal business model for growth, sustainability, and stress-free culture. Their model includes fusing three concepts together co-living, employee ownership, and sharing. And, they’re putting it all inside a modern-day castle with almost every conceivable amenity.

“Fear is the most toxic and destructive substance found in organizations. Fear causes stress. We plan to attain a stress-free culture by eliminating people’s fears.“ states a Castle V founder who also happens to be a fear eradication expert.

Money is one of the biggest stresses in people’s lives. Castle V plans to alleviate this stress by turning the company inside Castle V into employee-owned. Instead of the money flowing to the top into the hands of a few, as it does with traditional top-down businesses, people inside the castle will share in the wealth the company creates. Every dollar that the castle makes goes directly back to the people. 401(k) accounts, at retirement, are ten times greater at employee-owned companies than traditional for-profit companies.

“You’re Fired!” Next, to money, those two words cause lots of stress. Traditionally, most people’s futures are in the hands of the person above them. The castle will eliminate the stress of getting fired by a single individual through a democratic process. Instead of one person controlling a person’s future, it will take a community vote to remove a bad apple from the castle.

People stress about going to the doctors because most people’s insurance plans don’t provide sufficient coverage causing lots of unknown out-of-pocket expenses. Castle V plans to eliminate medical bill stress with onsite physicians and dentists. They’re also planning on having an on-site plastic surgeon. Lippo anyone? Heck, people’s pets won't stress inside the castle because there are plans for an onsite pet resort and veterinarians.

Many industries; including several retailers are experiencing mass layoffs. The fear of mass layoffs causes lots of stress within a company. To insulate the chances of mass layoffs, the founders plan to span the company over several industries; like film, technology, education, and pets. Castle V will be employee-owned which means people will have a say and full transparency of their company’s future.

The founders believe that co-living will reduce people’s stress about things like; rent bills, rush hour, house cleaning, and cooking. “We’re trying to eliminate people’s fears and free up time so they can work and live a stress-free life.” states a Castle V founder.

Harvard’s 75-year study concluded that quality relationships are the key to a happier and healthier life. “We believe GREAT friendships will spawn inside a castle with a stress-free culture where people are living, working, and sharing things like boats, jet skis, motorcycles, ATVs making it one of the happiest and healthiest places on earth.” one founder states.

Will Castle V’s trifecta of people living, working and sharing things inside a modern-day castle achieve a STRESS-FREE culture? We’re about to find out. Go to to register for their free live launch webcast event on 11-11.

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