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Brent Michael MD to receive prestigious St. John of God Healing Award

Brent Michael, MD 2017 Recipient of The St. John of God Award on November 11

Brent Michael, MD 2017 Recipient of The St. John of God Award on November 11

Dr. Brent Michael, Santa Monica California

Dr. Brent Michael, Santa Monica California

Dr. Brent Michael of Santa Monica, California will be a 2017 recipient of the prestigious St. John of God Healing Award on November 11 at the Jonathon Club.

This recognition is especially rewarding because I have been personally inspired by St. John's commitment to the welfare of his patients. This inspired me to begin house calls for the elderly.”
— Brent Michael, MD
SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2017 / -- Dr. Brent Michael will receive the St. John of God Healing Award at a dinner held in his honor on 11 November 2017. This will take place at The Jonathon Club. Dr. Michael is a house physician at St. John’s Hospital in the Santa Monica area and will be receiving this award for his work with elderly residents at St. John of God Retirement and Care Centers. The award is “traditionally given to an individual who reflects the dignity of human life in the care of the sick and elderly.”

Dr. Michaels has won many awards of excellence in family practice areas. His extensive medical background and training together with his compassionate approach to care have earned him the respect of his patients and his peers alike.

This award is named after St. John who first trained as a physician before taking his vows. As a physician he devoted himself to the welfare of his patients and visited them day and night, giving them food, blankets, clothing, and medicines. He eventually joined the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God where he continued to serve people with great compassion as Director of the free dental clinic in Brescia. After his death in 1930 at the age of 33, his Godly reputation spread. He was beatified by His Holiness John Paul in 1981 and canonized in 1989.

In an era of much debate about healthcare, little attention is given to the idea that it is all about a person-to-person relationship. This attitude to caring for patients was exemplified by St. John and Dr. Brent Michael exhibits this same quality, making him a worthy recipient of the award. He too understands that he is not just treating a disease or a fever but a sick human being. He provides every patient with the one-on-one attention needed to achieve the best results and to make sure they have complete peace of mind. He is the only doctor who voluntarily visits the hospital during the week and weekends to examine all patients. Any patient whether having insurance or not receives his attention and care.

Dr. Michael attended Emory University as an undergraduate and went on to Southern Illinois University for medical school. His Family Medicine Internship was completed at the University of Miami and his Family Medicine Residency at UCLA. He is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA in the family medicine department.

He recently celebrated his 12th year of private practice where he offers patients a comprehensive range of health services, including annual physicals, bony density screening, on-site laboratory testing, ultrasound and cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes testing and screening.

He is also a member of many leading medical associations such as the American Association of Family Physicians and has sat on the boards of the Family Medicine Board of UCLA and the Santa Monica Chapter of the Red Cross.
As a physician, he considers care of the elderly as his most rewarding contribution to medicine to date. The residents at St. Benedict, St. Pampuri, and St. Grande Retirement and Care Centers have benefited from his personal visits and individualized care since 2004.

His compassion for people does not stop with the elderly and he founded an evening clinic in Santa Monica to help homeless youth. This was first called Common Ground but underwent a name change and is now known as Venice Family Clinic. He helps individuals addicted to alcohol and opiates and is registered as a Suboxone Addiction/Detoxification Specialist.

Dr. Michael is committed to continuing medical education. His studies in many clinical areas have included palliative care and pain management.

Another way in which he stands apart is the fact that he offers a concierge service, making house calls to patients as part of his practice. He focuses on physical, emotional and spiritual care for the whole irrespective of faith, or Spiritual regions in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. He understands that seeing them in the home situation has many benefits. He sees this as particularly important for the future as we are facing an aging tsunami where caring facilities are likely to become overcrowded and caring for patients within a home setting may become essential.
Dr. Brent Michael exemplifies the type of medical professionals that will be needed in the days to come. He is committed to relating to patients in such a way as to understand their fears and wishes. He is known for fully discussing everything with a patient and making sure that they understand. His way of treating elderly patients as people instead of focusing on their diseases, helps them to retain their dignity at a time when they are growing older and their health may be failing.

Brent Michael, MD is currently practicing as a family physician and primary care doctor, treating patients at his centrally located practice in Santa Monica, California and in surrounding communities. He can be contacted at 310-829-7777 and his offices are at 2001 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 1260W, Santa Monica, California.

Brent Michael MD
Brent Michael, MD
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