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Is Your Fall Covered Under Pennsylvania's Workers’ Compensation?

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 18, 2017 / -- Pennsylvania employees may not be aware of all of the hazards that are lurking in the corners of their workplaces. Fall-related injuries occur most in the construction industry, but every other industry has high rates of slip and fall accidents, many just are not as aware of them as they should be.

Falls in workplaces can occur frequently. The most common areas of work that are prone to falling are industrial workplaces, cleaning, building maintenance, commercial, healthcare, and extraction.

With the number of fatal falls going up each year, workers’ compensation claims have been more frequent too. The medical expenses and the time it may take for someone to recover from a work injury can be significant. Although many federal regulations have been implemented, there are still many safety concerns that cause injuries in the workplace. An example of this is when a company does not display wet floor signs after mopping the floor or spilling something.

Those that have been a part of a slip and fall injury in the workplace may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits may help one to receive compensation for their medical bills or a percentage of their lost wages.

A slip and fall injury at work can be the cause of a severe and life-threatening injury. There are several reasons a slip and fall injury can occur in a workplace. You may think that your injury is just because of your “clumsiness, ” but there are several regulations that the Occupational Safety Hazard Association (OSHA) puts into place that employers are supposed to follow and abide by in the workplace.

Maximum Compensation

You deserve to receive compensation for your slip and fall injury at work. A slip and fall injury can have lifelong consequences such as disability and permanent medical treatment, even if your recovery process is short.

If your slip and fall injury is related to your job in any way, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation for your insurance. You may be entitled to receive social security disability for your injury. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will be able to help walk you through your case and make sure that you are obtaining all the benefits that you deserve.

The lawyers at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo are aware that you work hard and rely on your income, whether you work 1 job or 4. You need the money. Which is why we are devoted to working endless hours, day and night, to getting you the justice you deserve.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

At Krasno, Krasno, & Onwudinjo, we have helped many workers receive compensation for their slip and fall injury ranging
from industrial-related injuries to office incidents. If you are working in an unsafe workplace, slip, and falls can happen anytime.

Since 1936, our law firm has helped injured workers receive workers’ compensation for their injury on the job. Our experienced team of attorneys is dedicated to helping you or your loved one get what they deserve.

If you have experienced a slip and fall at work or would like to learn more about our legal services, contact us at (866)-948-9088 for a free case evaluation.

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