Cajutel ICO Date Extended!

Cajutel ICO: Token sale Date Extended!!!

Cajutel (ERC 20 :CAJ)

Cajutel ICO updates the original end date and extended for two months,ICO Starting from 18 August,2017 to 18 November,2017”
— Important Notice
BASEL, , BASEL, SWITZERLAND, October 9, 2017 / --

Important Notice - Cajutel ICO end Date extended Due to China's ban which creates sudden fall in the market.Cajutel has Now decided to extend original end date was 18 September by two months. There is an opportunity for Investors to invest in the real work project.

Cajutel is a Guinea-Bissau based telecom company with the vision of providing high speed internet to every rural and remote area of the country . The area where people don’t even have basic means of telecommunication and devices. There is no technology and basic amenities of living. These peoples are not even familiar with basic needs of a human to have education and there is high illiteracy rate their to make them walk in hand with world.
Technology has been enhancing step by step and with it people, lives are getting simpler. On the off chance that we discuss most recent decades, at that point change in technology was exponential and still, the new developments in technology are on the ascent. But there are some parts of the world which are still untouched with the latest technology.

West Africa is the major region on Earth without broadband Internet access, and individuals had been forced to rely on slow and costly satellite connections for access. However, Cajutel a Guinea-Bissau based telecom company is willing to change this condition by serving a 100 % solar powered Internet to West Africa, allowing much greater speeds at much lower prices.

Cajutel believes in connecting Africa to rest of the world and helps Africa to become part of the global economy. Cajutel hailed the potential of the Internet to spark economic development and allow West African businesses and entrepreneurs to market their strengths, unhindered by many of the previous limiting effects of distance. Internet Giving them a global Platform for their Business Expansion.

Throughout Africa, there is a huge potential for enduring social and Economic change brought about by the provision of the rapid internet.There are specific ways that people and businesses in West Africa can use the Internet to circumvent a previous lack of economic opportunity.

To Fulfill the Vision of making a Better connected and developed Africa. Cajutel has Launched Its ICO to raise its needed investments for Building infrastructure to serve the masses in West Africa with high-speed internet at affordable prices.This is a long-term Investment opportunity for Investors.


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Cajutel ICO: High Speed Internet for West Africa.