Pursuant Health partners with P2Sample

Mathijs de Jong, P2Sample CEO

Mathijs de Jong, P2Sample CEO

Bringing its Nationwide Network to the Market Research Industry

Pursuant’s extensive network significantly expands our ailment sampling capabilities”
— Mathijs de Jong, P2Sample CEO
ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, USA, October 5, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Today, Pursuant Health announced its selection of P2Sample as its partner to bring Pursuant Health’s nationwide network to the Market Research Industry.

Pursuant Health, a consumer healthcare engagement company, boasts a national network of health screening kiosks, with over three million account holders that have conducted over 140 million health screenings since 2013. With kiosks in over 3,600 Walmart locations within 10 miles of 79% of the US population, Pursuant Health’s database boasts nearly unparalleled access to health-centric consumer insights.

"Pursuant’s extensive network significantly expands our ailment sampling capabilities” said Mathijs de Jong, P2Sample’s CEO. “We’re excited to bring this new community to market and look forward to working closely with the Pursuant Health team to maximize access to its users while keeping the respondent engagement paramount.”

P2Sample’s partnership with Pursuant Health will provide valuable insights for pharmaceutical, CPG and shopper-oriented marketers, with precise targeting by geographic location, real-time biometric measurements, demographic and behavioral data. Data can be measured down to city, state, zip code, store and MSA levels.

“P2Sample’s focus on respondent engagement and satisfaction, along with its technology-driven sampling solutions, were key factors in our selection process” said Joe Stephens, Pursuant Health’s CFO. “We’re thrilled to partner with a firm that will not only provide increased access for marketers to this population, but will also keep a keen eye on the user experience.”

About Pursuant Health (Formerly SoloHealth)

Pursuant Health’s purpose is to engage individuals by incentivizing them to manage and improve their health; this enables Pursuant Health to capture critical data and get it into the hands of healthcare providers and insurers. Pursuant Health accomplishes this through the capture and integration of health-related data through its multi-channel platform including web, mobile and health kiosks, which creates a one-stop shop for individualized healthcare engagement and incentivization. On average, Pursuant Health engages with 2,000,000 - 3,000,000 Americans every month.

For more information about Pursuant Health, visit www.pursuanthealth.com.

About P2Sample

P2Sample’s active member panel consists of 25+ million members worldwide. As the most sophisticated technology-driven sample provider in the Market Research industry, our strong aptitude for programmatic solutions allows us to fill each client’s specific needs. Through a deep understanding of sample – beyond simple delivery – P2Sample is able to get to the heart of the respondent’s needs and motivations to deliver higher engagement and response rates. We utilize proprietary sampling technology and provide sample in hard-to-get areas, including strong male, Hispanic/ethnic targets, millennials/teens and multinational audiences. P2Sample's proprietary quality score system, top-notch security and superior respondent experience allow the delivery of first-rate sample.

For more information about P2Sample, visit www.p2sample.com.


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