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Study finds that New Jersey has the highest attorney involvement, increasing victory percentage

We fight for our clients and the compensation they deserve every step of the way, and now we've got some numbers to prove it.”
— Jordan Goldberg, Partner

CHERRY HILL, NJ, USA, September 27, 2017 / -- A study review of 18 states found that New Jersey, as well as firms such as Goldberg & Wolf located in Cherry Hill, are leading the way in attorney involvement when compared to other states. NJ workers compensation rates were studied.
This study also, conducted by the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) also found that New Jersey has a lower average defense attorney payment per claim.

The combination of higher attorney involvement on the Workers’ Compensation attorney side and lower average payment per claim on the defense side suggests a very simple correlation: When a lawyer from a firm like Goldberg & Wolf takes a Workers’ Comp case, they win more often because they are more involved in the case than the other side.

"Seeing the data from this study," said Jordan Goldberg, "was a really pleasant surprise. We fight for our clients and the compensation they deserve every step of the way, and now we've got some numbers to prove it."

The objective of this research was to measure worker attorney involvement in workers' compensation claims. The WCRI was also able to gauge the percentage of claims with worker attorneys.

The point of this research was to uncover the answer to "Why are some workers' compensation systems more self-executing than others?"

A deeper catalyst for performing this study came from another question that policymakers and stockholders often ask: “Is there a relationship between the percentage of claims that have worker attorney involvement and the outcomes of injured workers and costs?”

The findings of this study identify the differences across states as well as suggesting what specific system features that may be causing those differences. The results informed policymakers and stakeholders if worker attorney involvement in their state is relatively lower, higher, or in the middle compared to the other states in this study.

A perfect representative of the New Jersey firms the study researched is Goldberg & Wolf, the "Gold Standard of Law." This team of workers’ compensation attorneys can get workers the payments they deserve because they are leading the way in attorney involvement when compared to other states.

Other key findings of the study were:

● The percentage of claims with worker attorneys varied widely across the 18 states.

● Worker attorney involvement and defense attorney involvement were strongly correlated.

● There were notably different trends in the use of attorneys by injured workers between 2002/2005 and 2013/2016.

According to the study, a deciding factor on the correlation between high attorney involvement and lower defender involvement is a reliance in New Jersey on partisan medical experts when determining permanency benefits in the state.

To receive permanency in New Jersey, the injured worker must attend two permanency examinations - one performed on behalf of the worker, and one performed on behalf of the payer.

New Jersey law firm, Goldberg & Wolf, have helped contribute to the state’s higher attorney involvement. The attorneys at Goldberg & Wolf’s experience in the practice area of workers’ compensation, coupled with the firm’s core mission of providing creating and cost-effective solutions to their client’s legal matters are what helped them earn this higher ranking compared to the other states.

The 18 states participating in the study were: Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan, Indiana, Arizona, Minnesota, Virginia, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, California, Georgia, New Jersey, and Illinois.

The award-winning attorneys at Goldberg & Wolf have been rated Top Attorneys in South Jersey from 2010-2016. The firm has been winning work injury cases and earning their clients the benefits they need and rightfully deserve since 1992.

The combination of diverse legal skill sets paired with the local roots of the attorneys was the inspiration for the firm's philosophy of providing creative, cost-effective workers' compensation claim solutions. This common goal shared by the attorneys at Goldberg & Wolf became the cornerstone of the firm's 25 years of success.

The firm’s dedicated legal team provide superior legal services to all client’s located throughout the state of New Jersey by fighting for the compensation they deserve. The attorneys at Goldberg & Wolf work with a select clientele and practice in areas where their focus gives them a competitive edge.

The attorneys at Goldberg & Wolf fight for the benefits to which clients are legally entitled to under New Jersey Workers' Compensation Law. If you or someone you know was hurt at work and suffered an injury, even just a sprain or strain and are in need of legal representation, contact the attorneys of Goldberg & Wolf at (856) 651-1600.

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