Carlos Felipe Silva Composes the Score for Documentary Film 'Good Karma: An Immigrant Story'

Award-winning composer Carlos Felipe Silva brings his extraordinary skill to the upcoming film “Good Karma: An Immigrant Story.”

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 24, 2017 / -- Award-winning musician and film composer Carlos Felipe Silva brings his extraordinary skill to the screen as the composer of the score for the upcoming film “Good Karma: An Immigrant Story.”

Directed by Kevin Flint (“Catching Dreams,” “The Ridley Project,” “Wake-Up Call”) and produced by Twinvision Entertainment, “Good Karma: An Immigrant Story” tells the heartwarming story of Karma Tenzing, a successful Wall Street broker who leaves New York to return to his home country of Nepal on a mission to create social change and improve the country. After spending 14 years in sales and trading, Tenzing leaves his position at Morgan Stanley in NYC and moves back to Nepal in order to help rebuild the country after a deadly earthquake.

Created by brothers Kevin and Brian Flint, “Good Karma: An Immigrant Story” takes viewers on an inspirational journey across Nepal where we get to see first hand all of the important humanitarian work Tenzing is doing, as well as an in depth look at his personal journey.

Music naturally evokes an emotional response within listeners, and when a powerful score like the one Silva composed for “Good Karma: An Immigrant Story” accompanies a film, the project has the power to touch viewers on multiple levels.

“The score for ‘Good Karma’ tries to be as inspirational as Karma’s story. My score is full of ethnic elements, Indian percussion and traditional instruments from Nepal. We tried to create an emotional experience for the viewer combining ethnic instruments with more traditional orchestral ones in order to support this important story,” explains Carlos Felipe Silva about the score he created for the upcoming film.

With Silva as the composer, the score is assured to heighten the emotional elements of this powerful story and leave a lasting impact on viewers.

“I was blown away by the direction of the score written by Carlos, I loved the tone and emotion of the cues, and this film wouldn't be the same without his music. It really created a magical experience,” explains director Kevin Flint.

“Good Karma: An Immigrant Story” is currently in post-production and is slated to begin its festival run next year.

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela composer Carlos Felipe Silva is known for his work as the composer of the scores for films such as Lukas Colombo’s (“I Love You,” “Dream Center”) touching drama “Matthew” starring Anthony Alatorre (“A Crime to Remember”), Natalia Ferreiro (Super Guy and Friends”) and Jed Bernard (“24”), the 2015 film “Skye” starring Ximena Casillas (“The Charlie Cure”) and Jacob Fortner (“A Young Man’s Future”) and the TV series “Foreign Love.” Silva also composed the original music for the commercial for BAK USA’s Atlas 12 computer, which was released last year.

As a composer Silva has an extraordinary gift for creating music that evokes emotion within audiences and furthers the impact of the story in every project he touches. Over the years he has earned countless awards including being named the Winner of the Millican Composition Competition in 2014 and was a Golden Eagle Award finalist in the Marvin Hamlisch International Film Scoring Competition.

Beyond his keen understanding of how to create musical compositions that intensify the visual story unfolding on screen, what separates Silva from the pool of composers working in the film industry today is the fact that he has spent the majority of his life as a violinist, an area of expertise where he has found great success.

Early in his career Silva achieved international acclaim for his role as a lead violinist in the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, Venezuela’s most respected professional orchestra, with which he performed for five years. During Silva’s time with the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra the orchestra was led by conductor Gustavo Dudamel, who has since become conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Silva’s prominent role within the orchestra required him to perform a different symphonic repertoire each week to massive audiences, a feat that speaks to his unparalleled capacity as a professional musician.

His ability to quickly learn new compositions and hit each note perfectly has led Silva to be tapped to perform with an impressive list of award winning artists, such as Grammy nominee Jorge Luis Chacin, who Silva performed with on the artist’s El Cuenta Canciones tour in Canada last year. In 2014 Silva gained extensive industry attention when he performed with 17-time Grammy Award winner Alejandro Sanz as a lead member of the Berklee Latino Band at the Latin Grammy Awards.

Over the past decade, Carlos Felipe Silva has continued to dazzle international audiences with his work as both a film composer and violinist. His unique ability to transition his musical genius to fit a wide variety of projects has endowed him with an impeccable reputation of success that will only grow with the release of the upcoming film "Good Karma: An Immigrant Story."

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