Actress Jasynda Radanovic to Star in 'Broken Barriers' and 'The Tea Party'

Actress Jasynda Radanovic

Actress Jasynda Radanovic will take on starring roles in the upcoming films “Broken Barriers”and "The Tea Party"

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, September 22, 2017 / -- Actress Jasynda Radanovic, who's become a highly sought after actress in both Australia and the UK for a vast range of productions including live shows, theatre, television and film, has been tapped to star in the upcoming films "Broken Barriers" and "The Tea Party."

In “Broken Barriers” Radanovic will take on the starring role of Diane, a dynamic young woman who controls and hosts a social experiment involving six contestants who are placed in a room. With their cell phones placed in a glass box that is within view, but out of reach, and no means of communicating with the outside world, they are challenged to see how they interact when deprived of technology.

"'Broken Barriers' is a cautionary tale of what could happen to our future, and how dependent we are on our phones... they have become a necessity," explains Radanovic. "I am very thrilled about this role. It is great to play a character who is extremely quirky... She has this sweet and friendly tone, then all of the sudden if something doesn't go her way, she snaps."

The film, which is being directed by Brontie Geist, is scheduled to begin shooting in New South Wales, Australia later this year. About choosing Radanovic for the starring role in her upcoming film, director Brontie Geist says, "Jasynda's experience in acting definitely drew our attention. Her showreel allowed us to reflect her comic timing as well as showing her talent for taking on dramatic roles... her physical traits also played a role in casting her as they enhance her ability to convey Diane's personality as I envisioned it."

Radanovic will also star in Beth Toh's upcoming silent film "The Tea Party," which is set in the 1920s and inspired by "Pied Piper of Hamelin" by Robert Browning. Radanovic's skill as both an actress and dancer will be integral to bringing her character to life, as the story mainly revolves around her character becoming enthralled by 1920s ragtime music, which ultimately sets her off into a trance.

The actress says, "I love being a part of period pieces and getting to explore with the costuming, make-up and sets, you just become transported to another world. What's more, being in a project that is all about dance, and watching how movement is captured on film. It is gratifying to go back to the research and recreate the era of this dancing style, and then applying that to my character."

Considering Radanovic's history of dance-filled performances-- including live shows such as the Australian Museum's commissioned performance of "Alexander the Great" where she starred as Olympias, "Peter Pan A Musical Adventure" where she played Tinkerbell and "Whistle Down the Wind" where she played Swallow, "The Tea Party" is the perfect film for this uber talented Aussie.

About working with Radanovic, director Beth Toh says, "She’s a great talent and we're lucky to have her on set.... She’s bright, cheerful and I’m glad to be able to work with her. Her dancing is also great!"

In addition to "Broken Barriers" and "The Tea Party" Radanovic has also been cast to take on the lead role of Nurse Sandy Granger in the upcoming series "Emergency: LA," which is currently in pre-production and is expected to begin shooting next year. The series revolves around the emergency services based out of the Los Angeles Fire Department's Station 77, LAPD and the emergency hospital treatment center known as Trauma One. The series, which is slated to begin filming later this year, focuses on the day to day to lives of the people who devote their lives to solving crimes, rescuing victims and treating the injured around the city.

Produced by Spectrum Multimedia Hollywood ("The Good Guys Club," "Hard Knocks Fighting"), "Emergency: LA" will be directed by Len Davies ("World Association of Wrestling," "Spirit 7"), Doug Coleman ("In Security," "Lawless") and Amit Medina ("RQW Bites," "Hollywood Makeover").

Actress Jasynda Radanovic, who's been referred to in the land down under as a stunning triple threat, is one of those diversely talented individuals who has managed to establish a strong reputation for herself as a skilled actress, dancer and singer. With starring roles in the upcoming films “The Tea Party” and “Broken Barriers,” as well as the series “Emergency LA” Radanovic is one leading lady we'll be seeing a whole lot more of on the big screen.

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