IFIP IP3 Launches Global CyberSecurity Specialism

IP3 announced new professional standard for people working in CyberSecurity roles

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA, September 14, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- 14 September 2017 – Colombo, SRI LANKA – The professional standards arm of the global federation of ICT professional societies, IFIP IP3 (International Professional Practice Partnership), has announced the first CyberSecurity Specialism for ICT professionals working in this critical discipline.

The Specialism, which is an add-on to IP3’s existing standards framework for ICT professionals, will be available to any individual members of IFIP’s member societies which have been certified by IP3.

IP3’s new Chair, Moira de Roche, said the new Specialism is based on extensive work undertaken by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), which has already launched the specialism in its local market.

“We are very grateful to the ACS for sharing the outcomes of their work with us so that a global standards framework can be established,” she said. “IP3 will maintain the standard from this point and take responsibility for ensuring that it is regularly updated to encompass new and emerging technologies and issues.”

The Specialism will incorporate industry certifications such as those provided by ISACA and ISC2 to ensure a high level of alignment across the profession.

Ms de Roche said IP3 had always planned to deliver a range of Specialisms to plug into the existing framework for ICT professionals and it was important that the first one focus on CyberSecurity.

“Cybercrime reportedly cost the world around $450 billion in 2016 and is predicted by Forbes to exceed $2 trillion in 2019. At the same time, we face an international shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals to help safeguard business and government systems from this threat,” said Mrs de Roche.

“We hope that by providing this CyberSecurity Specialism as a global standards framework, we can help to provide a clear pathway for ICT professionals to enhance and demonstrate their expertise in this cybersecurity, giving employers and clients confidence in their knowledge and skills.”


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