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GroomX Starts its Online Training Platform

GroomX Starts its Online Training Platform

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, September 12, 2017 / -- GroomX Finishing Academy goes far beyond the strict rules of etiquette and offers a fresh approach to contemporary Online Training Programs.
Established in 2011, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. Large scale solutions, soft skills training communication development and project managing, we offer our clients the full package. Our team has the right balance of youth and experience which makes it an ideal combination.
Today Soft skills are the personal attributes that allows to effectively relate to others. These skills enhance : Personal Interactions and lead to greater job performance and satisfaction.

Soft skills encompass both personality traits, such as optimism, and abilities such as empathy can be practised. Like all skills, soft skills can be learned.

Unlike hard skills, which are the technical and knowledge skill set we bring to our work, soft skills are Interpersonal and can be applied in a broad array of situations.
​Benefits :
Its Flexible – Online training allows you to fit your training around your work schedule and lifestyle . You meet your individual needs for professional development.
Its Cost Effective – Course costs are less and there are no , travel or accommodation costs.Online training today are marked as most sustainable learning solution.
Its Anytime Access – With online training you choose the time and pace that suits you best. You study when it is convenient for you and for time periods that match your concentration span. It’s your choice and engaging in the learning process when you choose to, leads to better training and development.
Anywhere Access – Online training is web-based so you can login from anywhere and from multiple locations : home, office or when working remotely. This is beneficial for both individuals and organizations.
Features :
Practical and Relevant
Expert Support
Track Progress

Benefits Of Ongoing Online Training : For Companies / Employees
Increases confidence and job satisfaction.
Improve knowledge and skills.
Stay up-to-date on modules and content requirement.
Identify unknown weaknesses and strengths.

Ongoing Online Training Strategy : For Organisations
Offer a variety of online training options.
Make online assessments part of employee evaluations.
Evaluate the real world value of your online training program.
Collect employee feedback regularly.
Ongoing online training may not be the fastest or most affordable option, but it provides your employees with the skills and tools they need to be at their best.

Conclusion :

Online training delivers a practical and personalized training and development experience.
Online training can be student-centered and done at your own time, place and pace, but it is vital that it occurs within a supportive learning network. Online training makes it easier to have an equal say and leads to a more collaborative and richer learning experience, as you discuss and share your ideas and share in the experience of others.
For busy people who want to enhance their skills or increase professional advancement, there is an opportunity to reach such goals that is right at their fingertip.

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GroomX Knowledge Works Pvt Ltd
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