Don Karl Juravin Fights to Protect The Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE from the FTC

Political persecution endangers future of the regimen that has, and is, saving thousands of lives. Inventor fights back praying for justice.

Political persecution endangers future of the regimen that has, and is, saving thousands of lives. Inventor fights back praying for justice.

ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2017 / -- In 1914, the Federal Trade Commission was formed in the name of democracy. Former President Wilson declared that "the law should be administered and we would not be afraid of commissions." He absolutely was opposed to a commission that could decide how the law should be administered and what punishment should be imposed. The FTC was formed in the hope to protect not only the people but to also protect the government from being handed over to "a smug lot of experts."

Fast forward 100 years and it has become clear that Former President Wilson should have feared the creation of such a commission. Today businesses, advertisers, entrepreneurs, individuals and even consumers throughout this country are intimidated by the FTC. Over the past 100 years, a commission established to protect the economy from unrestricted competition has become the Judge, Jury and executioner; the All-American Sheriff of Nottingham; a bully of business and a threat to the American Dream.

There is no shortage of fraudulent acts committed against the American consumer. While the FTC could, and should, focus its efforts on the protection of these victims, these consumers; they have proven time and time again that the FTC feels their time would be better served by intimidating and extorting businesses, advertisers, entrepreneurs, and individuals by taking 100% of all business revenues under the guise of protecting consumers. The FTC does not want to help the people. The FTC is only interested in benefiting themselves.

One entrepreneur, Don Karl Juravin, an American born in the Holy Land, refuses to pay the extortion money and is fighting back. Juravin invented the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE that has saved or improved thousands of lives and has tremendous success. with an extraordinary ratio of satisfaction. Rather than commending this business and its success against obesity in America the FTC initiated a two-year witch hunt and out of 80,000 users, the FTC has only been able to find 8 people to complain. Juravin is fighting for his business.

Juravin is fighting for other businesses intimidated by this organization whose practices can only be compared to, what Juravin views as "legalized mafia." Juravin is fighting for the obese people that his products and support groups have helped in the fight against fat. The regimen that Juravin promotes is not another dietary supplement or diet plan . It is an alternative to being fat that considers not only your physical and mental well-being but also your psychological state of mind. This regimen is based on customized supplements and specifically tailored instructions with strict rules to optimize the use of the regimen to maximize the best results for weight reduction without the risk of surgery.

A look into the Facebook group with 30,000 members reveals great success with users of the regimen reporting dramatic weight reduction they could not even achieve with a bariatric surgery. Many users of the regimen are bariatric surgery patients who vouch for the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE to be cheaper, safer and much better than their surgery results. Users of the regimen have exclaimed their, "Thanks," to, "God," that they found #TheDON boot camp. Some of those statements are, "Thanks, Jesus and Don." "Love my new life." and,#TheDon saved my life." These are the consumers that the FTC is claiming to protect.

The FTC has villainized Juravin in Federal Court claiming the use of unfair and deceptive arguments. The deception that the FTC claims are a video of a man in a lab coat and a caduceus symbol that was displayed on a website for few months in 2013. No customer complained about these "deceptions". The FTC claims to protect the same consumers that credit Juravin with saving their lives. Even after Juravin presented the FTC with 800 to 2,000 testimonials, the FTC continues to ignore the truth. Juravin urges the FTC "Just talk to any of them".

If the consumers do not need protection, what motivates the FTC’s outlandish actions? The answer is money. Under their own rules, the FTC has entitled themselves to a legal theory known as disgorgement. Disgorgement allows the FTC to collect profits from illegal operations. In Juravin's case they are seeking $25,000,000 which will destroy Juravin's ability to further save lives. The FTC's use of this theory will not benefit or protect, consumers but only serve to line their own coffers.

The FTC has operated for over a century and began as an organization based on good intentions with justifiable goals to protect the people. As the modern age of bureaucracy evolved, the FTC turned into an organization prone to overreaching outside their jurisdiction. The FTC has a tremendous budget of tax money and they use it to scare and wear down businesses into agreeing to court orders that put the businesses profits directly into the pockets of the FTC. Threatened and abused by this legal extortion, businesses who have been bullied will regularly choose not to contest FTC actions. Large organizations are able to absorb the losses as a business expense and continue to be profitable. Smaller businesses often have no choice but to surrender because of a lacking in resources to fight back against the government agency. While the FTC could play an important role, a propensity for overzealous and erroneous enforcement in the restriction of businesses innovation actually harms consumers, employees, owners, and investors.

The FTC has consistently argued that Juravin's regimen has had deceptive statements about the success of the the regimen while ignoring the thousands of exuberant success stories from actual users of the regimen. These users have documented their success, these users are REAL and these users deem Don Karl Juravin as a worker of miracles.

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