Cinematographer Yan Rymsha Wraps Production on the Dramatic War Film 'Battle Fields'

Anouar H. Smaine (left) and Yan Rymsha (right) on set of "Battle Fields"

Artistic Vision Award winner Yan Rymsha wraps production as the DP on the upcoming war drama "Battle Fields" starring Sean Stone.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2017 / -- Award winning cinematographer Yan Rymsha, who is known for his work on an impressive list of multi-award winning films such as "Zaar," "The Rat," "Plaything" and others, recently wrapped production on the upcoming film "Battle Fields" from director Anouar H. Smaine.

Starring Sean Stone, who plays Bobby O'Malley and is known for his role in the Golden Globe nominated film "Natural Born Killers" and the two-time Oscar Award winning film "JFK," Anouar H. Smaine ("Reign," "Honor Among Thieves") as Rasheed Al Mushta and Emily Rose Debinie ("Live from Baghdad") as Leila Al Mushta, the upcoming film "Battle Fields" brings audiences a socially relevant war drama that will be relatable to viewers around the world.

Due for release March 2018, "Battle Fields" tells the story of Bobby O'Malley, an Iraq War veteran whose life spirals out of control due to PTSD. When Bobby is given a ride by Rasheed Al Mushta, an Iraqi taxi driver who is lives in Los Angeles as a refugee, the two men begin to discover one another's background and tensions begin to mount.

As the cinematographer of the film, Yan Rymsha had to go to great lengths in order to make the surrounding scenery visually interesting as much of the film takes place in the car with a strong focus on the interactions between Bobby and Rasheed.

"I love social dramas with strong cultural and political aspects in them. Anouar's story affected me immediately and I was truly happy to participate in this project," explains Rymsha.

"We tried to create an atmosphere with visual signs that would work for the story, such as dark gloomy tunnels, urban, downtown bridges and massive skyscrapers to erect a feeling of being under pressure."

About Yan Rymsha's work as the cinematographer of the film, "Battle Fields" director Anouar H. Smaine, who earned the Platinum Award at the 2015 CineRockom International Film Festival for the film "Sharia," and was also the director of the film "Axis of Evil" starring Sammy Sheik from the Oscar Award winning film "American Sniper," explains "[Yan] has great sense for lighting, and composition that follow the mood of the scene and world of the movie in general."

A uniquely talented cinematographer with a keen eye for creating the kinds of striking visuals that leave an indelible impression in the minds of audiences, Rymsha quickly gained traction as a highly sought after figure in his field on an international level when he first began his work nearly a decade ago. Early this year Rymsha earned the Master of the Craft Award for Best Cinematography from the Southern Shorts Awards for his work as the cinematographer of the film “Plaything.” Last year he was also awarded the Artistic Vision Award for Best Cinematography from the Santa Monica Film Festival for his work on the film “Zaar,” as well as nominated for the Indie Gathering Award for Best Cinematography from the Indie Gathering International Film Festival for his work on the dramatic crime film "The Rat."

Over the past few years Rymsha’s extraordinary skill as a cinematographer has been key to the success of a great many other films, including the Independent Horror Film Award winning film “Red Velvet,” the LA Indie Film Fest Award winning romantic drama "Stepping Out," the American Movie Award winning family comedy “Pressure-Man,” Ibrahim Nada’s drama "Chaos" and many more.

Rymsha's remarkably creativity and unique ability to understand the vision of the director of a project and seamlessly translate that into what we see visually on the screen is one of the many reasons why the directors he works with hire him again and again for future projects.

Director Leonid Andonov, who earned the Festival Award at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London for "The Admired," who tapped Rymsha as the cinematographer of his sci-fi thriller "Emerald Dream" and the comedy "Golden Key," says, "Yan has a brilliant ability to come in an empty room with the blank walls and no props and create an astonishing shot that blows your mind. I've seen it many times."

In addition to his work as a cinematographer on a plethora of award-winning films, Rymsha, who is originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, has also created a strong reputation for himself in the world of commercials. Over the years he has been the cinematographer on commercials for leading international brands such as Danon, Carl’s Jr., ABN Amro Bank, Cosmox, Peneplex and more.

Rymsha, who has been working non-stop since he began his career, says, "I'm grateful to have an opportunity to work and create completely different works in different genres. I can experiment and be creative on 24/7 basis and I love it. Cinematography for me is craft and art the same time."

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