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New Website Launched To Educate Online Gambling Community About Provably Fair Gambling

Provably fair gaming & legally sanctioned gambling sites go hand and hand. A new resource guide was created to help players find fair & legal online gambling.

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2017 / -- The online gambling market is one that has existed as a “wild west” style industry for a long time. Despite the fact that regulations have cleaned up the industry for the most part, the Wild West origins are still prevalent in less reputable brands. Customers who are unaware of how to properly vet an online gambling destination are falling prey to these questionable operators. A new online resource has been created as a guide for people to fully understand how to vet a website for legal standing within the industry and fair gaming practices, two elements of a gambling site that go hand in hand. is an all-encompassing guide to understanding the latest technology in proving a website’s level of statistical randomness and assuring that they adhere to strict fair-play policies. The ‘PF’ in the website’s URL stands for provably fair. The website outlines where and how to find out if an online gambling website operates provably fair games and what that means. The guide explains that in provably fair technology, there are hash functions that are assigned to each of the games. These hash functions not only make sure the gambling website you are using remains fair, but gives you the ability to check the statistical randomness in each of the games you play, yourself. The introduction of provably fair gaming will truly empower players to never settle for online gambling entertainment that isn’t proven to be fair.

The guide also explains how this works in the various casino websites here:, along with several poker websites that employ this technology here: One of the key components in is the availability of knowledge about bitcoin as a safer alternative to using funds on the internet. The creators of the guide recognized immediately that provably fair gambling destinations go hand in hand with Bitcoin as they are both based on SHA-256 cryptographic algorithms. There is an entire section of the guide devoted to news that heavily surrounds itself around the cryptocurrency markets.

When speaking with the lead developer Amy Marrow about the website, we asked what motivated her and her team to create a guide specifically on the topic of provably fair gambling. She responded by explaining “not only is it cutting edge technology, but that it is a powerful solution to making online gambling unquestionably fair.” She went on to say that this is the “one key ingredient that many skeptical players have been waiting for.” She shared multiple stories about individuals who had fallen victims to theft or fraud from questionable online gambling sites, expressing how eager she is to help spread the word about provably fair technology so that players can make informed decisions that allow them to enjoy online gambling without vulnerabilities.

Amy Marrow
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