Author Moves Readers Through His Eye-Opening Travelogue

Insanity of Wars II

Author Moves Readers Through His Eye-Opening Travelogue

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2017 / -- Author Dr. A. David Barnes' Insanity of Wars II, takes readers on a journey that travels from London to France, Germany, Switzerland, China, Beverly Hills, California, Austria, and the United Arab Emirates to name a few.

A memoir of an English boy who lived through rough times and dreams big for himself. It is a story of redemption, survival and life's lessons.

A compelling story that sets apart from most memoirs, giving readers an in-depth and thorough understanding of life’s intricacies.

The narrative chronicles different themes like war, medicine, combat, science, love, hate, dreams, strength, family, promotions, defeat and victory. David Barnes single-handedly accomplished these issues and prevailed in most parts.

About the Author:
David Barnes, MD, PhD, MPH, FACOG, is a son of a Royal Navy Veteran and recalls the bombing of London and the hatred toward Germans, Japanese, and the Communists now ISIS. He attended King's College, London University, for premed and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland for medical school. He completed eight years in the British Army, serving in Germany, England, and Malaysia as a family practitioner. Dr. David married Dr. Valerie Frazer, a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the Adelaide Hospital, during the internship year. After Singapore, they crossed the Atlantic with a ten-week-old son as Armstrong and Aldrin were landing on the moon. They became pioneer physicians with their own hospitals in Northern Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. Subsequent OB-GYN training took them to New York, then the University of California-Berkeley. Both Dr. Val and Dr. David joined the US Army Medical Corps, serving in Texas, Hawaii, Japan, California, Colorado, Alaska, Europe, and Central and South America. Dr. David remained in the US Military for twenty-two years, both active duty and reserves. His work included academic, administrative, private practice, humanitarian medical missions, and multiple scientific publications. Dr. David has completed nineteen marathons and one triathlon and believes Park City has the best snow for skiing. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife Mary. He has three children and three grandchildren.

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