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Copyright free broadcast quality videos: 17 July is the Day of International Criminal Justice, Africa, ICC, Uganda, Denmark, Ongwen

On July 17, World Day for International Justice, the International Criminal Court (ICC) in partnership with the Danish government has launched a project that will enable victims of the Lords Resistance Army atrocities in Northern Uganda to constantly follow proceedings at The Hague (70 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity).

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The video includes interviews of The Registrar of the ICC (principal administrative officer of the Court), of the Danish Ambassador in Uganda, of Retired Bishop of Northern Uganda, Bishop Onono Onweng, and of the Programme Coordinator for the NGO ‘Youth Movers Uganda’.

Uganda’s Dominic Ongwen faces trial before the ICC for 70 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity related to attacks against the civilian population. Charges include attacks against civilian population; murder and attempted murder; rape; sexual slavery; forced marriage; torture; cruel treatment of civilian and other inhumane acts; enslavement; and more. While the Court is motivated by the overwhelming interest of communities to follow the proceedings and immense local support, it has limited capacities to sustain these initiatives over the span of the trial. It is in this context that the Danish Embassy in Uganda is partnering with the Court to undertake a project of “Access to Justice” for victims and affected communities in northern Uganda.

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