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How Businesses Could Lower Healthcare Costs

Charles Laverty CEO of Advanced Bifurcation Systems

Charles Laverty, Healthcare Executive and CEO of Advanced Bifurcation Systems

Charles Laverty Publishes His Plan For Addressing Healthcare Costs

Charles Laverty Publishes His Plan For Addressing Healthcare Costs

Charles Laverty, the CEO of Advanced Bifurcation Systems has joined the call to reduce healthcare costs. Laverty published opinion pieces focused on solutions.

The word “compromise” is of particular importance when it comes to healthcare. You’ve heard the old adage: “if you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one”? It applies here. ”
— Charles Laverty
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2017 / -- Paying for healthcare can be difficult for businesses, depending on several factors. The number of people who work for your company, the state you’re in, and several other considerations can all limit your options when it comes to choosing an insurance provider for your employees. Charles Laverty is the CEO of Advanced Bifurcation Systems which produces cardiac stenting systems. With more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and he understands the pressure that many businesses face when looking for health insurance. In a new feature by, he outlines several strategies for reforming the US healthcare system to alleviate some of these challenges.

Laverty cautions against the idea that America would be better off under a single-payer system, and examines the flaws of the Affordable Care Act. He goes on to discuss small changes that could have a profound impact on premiums for American businesses, as well as coverage for other parts of the population.

Finally, Laverty raises questions about the philosophy that everyone in America deserves healthcare in every circumstance. He looks at the money spent treating many “self-destructive personal choices” like addiction and obesity, asking whether we should spend these funds elsewhere—or not at all. He takes a similar approach to terminally-ill patients, and those who he believes cannot improve their quality of life with modern medical technology and current procedures. While some find his views controversial, Laverty believes that they are necessary to avert an economic “catastrophe” in the United States, and chooses to focus on the price of not cutting costs.

With 25 years of experience in healthcare, Charles Laverty is full of ideas about cutting costs and easing the difficulties that many companies face when choosing health insurance. Be sure to read the full article on and acquaint yourself with his unique vision for fixing the American healthcare system.

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