RDM Sponsors Alex’s Lemonade Stand - Raising $500,000+ For Kid's Cancer Research

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The 12th Annual Alex's Lemonade Stand "Great Chefs" fundraising Gala was held which raised over $500,000 to be used for funding Children's Cancer Research.

RDM donates a large percentage of our profits to charities that help kids. Helping our clients businesses grow helps us to be able to perform greater philanthropy.”
— Janeene L. High, CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, June 30, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Results Driven Marketing, LLC, a premier award winning digital marketing agency located in Philadelphia, PA was a sponsor of the 12th Annual "Great Chefs" in support of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

The proceeds of the event raised over $500,000 which will be used in support of childhood cancer research.

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation was founded in 2005 and has been the leading foundation for pediatric cancer research. It started with Alexandra "Alex" Scott, a young girl who wanted to make a difference for children facing the same hardships she did, cancer. Alex held her first lemonade stand in the year 2000 and raised nearly $2000.

Today the foundation in her name has raised over a $140 million.

The gala event was held at Urban Outfitters, headquartered in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This year was the 12th annual Great Chefs Event which showcased dozens of "celebrity chefs" and "mixologists" from across the country, and from as far away as Australia.

It was notable the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team was also a sponsor of the event, at the same level as RDM. Mike Bannan, the Managing Partner for RDM, remarked, "Wow we donated at the same sponsorship level (Deuces) as the 76ers?; Does that mean we gave too much or did they maybe give too little?"

Janeene High, CEO and Founder of Results Driven Marketing, LLC, commented that "RDM is dedicated to making a difference in our community and beyond; this is just one step in our journey to give back to the community."

Along with the delicious food and craft drinks, there was a silent and live auction throughout the evening. The winning bidders for the most coveted auction items claimed their prizes after parting with $20,000, $15,000, and $10,000 each. Approximately 12 other items were auctioned, none going for less than $2,000 each.

Results Driven Marketing, LLC was very proud to have sponsored, donated, and supported such a great cause. In addition to the sponsorship, Ms. High made a substantial personal donation during the live auction.

RDM's staff along with 1,000 or so attendees enjoyed the unique cuisine presented by the Great Chefs. As great as it all was, the food and drinks paled in comparison to the incredible stories shared by some of ALSF Hero's, survivors of a horrible disease.

A 16-year-old survivor named Elijah shared his dream to play guitar in front of a large audience. Elijah was joined by Philanthropist and local business leader Marc Vetri where they performed a guitar jam session, fulfilling Elijah's dream!

Another young survivor, Ellie who is 8 years old, read and shared her story via a speech that she wrote herself. Ellie brought the crowd to tears by telling her emotional roller coaster of a journey she has been riding on. Both brave young people are cancer free today, something that Alex Scott never lived to see.

At RDM, we look towards the day that this vicious disease is cured and we credit the young Alex Scott for playing such a huge role in this battle.

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