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Global High Throughput Screening market is driven by advancements in HTS technologies and the increasing use of Bioinformatics/Lab-on-a-Chip/Microfluidics.

The success of Human Genome Project and latest findings in genomics and proteomics are creating an enormous market for HTS by identifying huge number of drug targets.”
— Anasuya Vemuri

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, June 7, 2017 / -- High Throughput Screening (HTS) report is an ideal research tool providing strategic business intelligence to the corporate sector. This report may help strategists, investors, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, biotechnology companies and drug approval authorities in--
 Gauging Competitive Intelligence
 Identifying Key Growth Areas and Opportunities
 Understanding Geographic Relevance to Product
 Knowing Regional Market Sizes and Growth Opportunities and Restraints
 Keeping Tab on Emerging Technologies
 Equity Analysis
 Tapping New Markets

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Currently, automation in HTS industry is in high gear. The companies are investing heavily in laboratory automation products such as HTS software, database systems, robotics arms and robot based workstations. The rising requirement of superior quality assays, better-output and enhanced drug discovery process is motivating scientists to keenly look out for strong and dependable assays by way of automation and use of modern techniques. Automation would enhance the quality and simplify the process of detecting leads, by realizing their properties perfectly. This is expected to emerge as a popular scenario in the years to come. Automation should be followed by humidity and temperature maintenance to render the desired results.

High Throughput Screening (HTS) Market research report emphasizes on both the technology and product segments of HTS in biotechnology and pharmaceutical application areas. The major technologies analyzed include Ultra High Throughput Screening, High Content Screening, Bioinformatics and Microfluidics/Lab-On-a-Chip; and the major product segments encompass HTS Services and HTS Tools. The global markets for Novel High Throughput Screening Products and Cell Based Assays are also discussed in the report. Markets covered for Microfluidics and Bioinformatics pertain to the applications of HTS. The report provides essential information including market data, segmentation, market size, key trends, M&A, product developments, industry forecasts, corporate intelligence, and other relevant information. The report lists more than 500 companies that are engaged in HTS services and/or production of HTS tools/instruments. Major Contract Research Organizations serving HTS industry are also covered in the corporate directory section of this report. Estimations and predictions are graphically represented by region, by technology and by product segment. Compilation of Worldwide Patents and Research related to High Throughput Screening is also provided. A global perspective is presented along with regional analysis covering the regions of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World. The market is analyzed in US Dollars and includes 109 exclusive exhibits. High throughput screening market size, market review, market shares, and other key market results and trends are analyzed.

Strategic partnerships between pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are the order of the day, and the trend is increasing globally. Another significant trend is the growing alliances among Pharma and Biotech companies and information technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sun, and Infosys, etc. The computer platforms generated by such companies help in managing and analyzing the huge amounts of data produced through High Throughput Screening (HTS) and other computational techniques. Effective R&D strategy involves efficient data management and implementation plans. The new technologies promise improved efficacy, decreased toxicity in patients, and reduced time frames and expenditures.

Changing business paradigms brought in by globalization and liberalization are making pharmaceutical companies change strategies for sustenance and growth. Many companies are venturing into HTS studies instead of going for alliances, to become self sufficient and reduce costs. The R&D wings are increasingly becoming target oriented to face the numerous challenges posed in the drug discovery and development industry. Global High through put screening market is especially driven by the advancements in HTS technologies and the increasing usage of innovative techniques such as Bioinformatics and Lab-on-a-Chip/Microfluidics. The success of Human Genome Project and latest findings in genomics and proteomics are creating an enormous market for HTS by identifying huge number of drug targets. Currently, automation in High through put screening Market industry is in high gear. The companies are investing heavily in laboratory automation products such as HTS software, database systems, robotics arms and robot based workstations.

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