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Hair Loss Sufferers Turn To Patented Tattoo Method

Look Ten Years Younger in One Day

Suitable for All Skin Colors

Undectable From Real Hair

Even sitting at the Easter dinner table my own mother did not notice. Her reaction was "It's about time your grew your hair out; you were beginning to look bald."”
— Bruce W.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, COUNTRY, April 28, 2017 / -- Approximately 56 million men suffer from male pattern baldness as well as women suffering from some type of hair loss. Medications, potions, topicals and even invasive hair transplant surgeries have been only a temporary solution. But now, The Weston System®, offers the world's only patented, one-day, permanent scalp tattooing method for hair loss.

M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration company owner, Mark Weston, was the first in the world to aggressively research, engineer and develop a tattoo needle specifically for duplicating a hair follicular unit and the specific pigmentation application method to the scalp. Weston filed a patent application for his needle and method in 2009 and the USPTO approved and issued the final patent in July of 2015. Since that time, Weston has turned the hair loss industry on its head.

What is The Weston System®?

The Weston System® is a technologically-advanced hybrid medical tattooing method that mimics lost follicular hair units on the scalp for men and women suffering from hair loss. This System is comprised of patented needles, proprietary equipment and pigments, as well as a specific methodology for application. Developed as a one-time permanent application that naturally blends with any hair color and skin tone, this System is applied on the male client with a close buzz cut, blending the replicated follicles into the client’s remaining hair. For women, the same application method is used as a camouflage of thinning areas of the scalp.

This natural look is accomplished by specific varying placement of replicated follicular hair units with several shades of color, creating an illusion of 3D hair growth. These exclusive shades of pigments are applied in a patented application technique to mimic the natural light and darker areas of naturally buzzed hair. The Weston System® scalp micropigmentation method transitions what essentially is two dimensional into what the human eye depicts as three-dimensional.

Since Weston’s unveiling of this system in 2009, hundreds of copycat providers have emerged attempting to emulate Weston’s natural look. However, these other providers require multi-session appointments (up to as many as nine) to complete the micropigmentation and costs at a minimum of $1500 more and only last one to five years. No other company has developed specific equipment, pigments nor needles for their applications, and none are patented as The Weston System®. Weston’s unique system is the first and only in the world of its kind developed as a one-time, one-appointment only permanent application.

The Weston System® is a superior and permanent solution to hair loss that is non-surgical, produces immediate results, is virtually pain-free, requires no recuperation time, maintenance free is and less expensive than hair transplants.

About Mark Weston

Mark Weston learned cosmetic and fine art tattooing while in the Navy in the late 1970’s from Asian tattoo master Pinkey Lee in Hong Kong. Weston apprenticed under Mr. Lee where he was taught the art of custom needle making, the science of organic pigments and tattoo machine building. For decades, Weston had perfected this art and he has owned and operated several fine art tattoo studios before founding Artistry Concepts, LLC in 2006. His wide range of experience commencing in 1996 in the medical tattooing field included areola repigmentation for breast cancer survivors, vitiglio repigmentation and scar camouflage. Later adding micropigmentation (permanent cosmetics) and later followed by scalp pigmentation. Mark Weston is now a respected and world-renowned expert in the scalp micropigmentation field.

M. Weston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Centers are presently located in Florida (Corporate Headquarters) and Maryland with several more opening in the next few months.

Weston is available for interview upon request.

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