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Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC Offers Advice on Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents

/EIN News/ -- PORTLAND, Ore., March 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC, a Portland chiropractor, warns of the dangers of slip and fall accidents, which result in moderate to severe injuries 20-30% of the time, according to OSHA. These accidents highlight the need to take precautions to ensure good footing at all times. Even then, people will occasionally take a fall. These accidents often result in misalignment of the back, strained or sprained muscles, and other such injuries. While these injuries may not always seem severe at first, they can greatly diminish quality of life as symptoms may not be apparent for days following the injury.

"All too often, people take their footing for granted. It's typical for someone to walk around at full speed without ever looking down at the ground. This may be fine when there are no obstacles and the ground is made of something that gives good traction, but it can result in tripping or slipping if there's something unexpected in the way or the ground has become icy," Dr. Stuart said.

Watching local television demonstrates how common slip and fall accidents must be. There are typically plenty of ads for attorneys who focus on suits involving this sort of mishap. Even so, it is far better to prevent an accident from happening in the first place than it is to sue later. Injuries take time to heal, and they can cause permanent disability. Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC offers chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy services to help patients heal naturally from their injuries.

Slip and fall accidents are especially frequent in icy, wet, oily, or slick conditions, where normally-safe surfaces like sidewalks can become hazardous. It only takes one small patch of frozen area to send a pedestrian tumbling down. Even in better weather, slip and fall accidents are common. Slick tub floors, wet leaves outdoors, and wheeled toys left on the floor are all slip hazards.

To help prevent this sort of accident, be sure to look down before strolling across any area, even at home. Counter specific hazards, such as wet tub floors, by adding purpose-built safety upgrades.

"Quick intervention, in the form of chiropractic care or other treatment, can often keep an injury from becoming a lifelong problem,” says Dr. Stuart. “This is because chiropractic treatment helps keep injury-related postural abnormalities and similar issues from becoming problems of their own. It also helps prevent new problems from arising as the body tries to compensate for a painful or weakened body part," she explained.

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