Canadian Fitness Expert is Transforming Fitness with a Different and Non-generic Approach

Fitness and Health in 2017

Most of the fitness people are doing is over 100yrs old. They are not only outdated but some have been proving to be damaging. UFiiT is that change.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, March 2, 2017 / -- UFiiT throws traditional fitness rules out the window. Local gym encourages Calgarians to rethink 'No Pain, No Gain'.

UFiiT by Adrianne, (UFiiT), a new fitness centre focused on customized low-impact training, has officially opened its doors for one-on-one and group personal training as well as group fitness classes. The combination studio and gym is owned and operated by certified Calgary personal trainer Adrianne Oyewole, who has applied two decades of experience to shaping his unique and non-generic programs has helped transform, educate and empower clients in the areas of fitness weight-loss and strength training.

UFiiT helps both fitness newcomers and seasoned athletes alike reach their goals by doing away with traditional calisthenics and applying specialized exercises that stretch and strengthen the targeted muscles while encouraging blood flow to joints. UFiiT's method comes at a time when many are seeking fitness solutions online which can be credible, but do not take into consideration individual circumstances such as body type, movement and personal fitness goals.

"Each body is different, yet the fitness industry often revolves around one-size fits-all solutions. Many of these programs can in fact cause more harm than good if the exercise doesn't suit the client," says Oyewole. "Pain, exhaustion and physical stress are often unnecessarily accepted as the price of results, when this doesn't have to be the case. The UFiiT process takes into account an individual's unique physical structure, lifestyle, fitness goals and health - including any injuries or problem-areas - and helps them reach their potential through guided and comfortable, yet effective exercises."

UFiiT health and Fitness Calgary joined the Calgary fitness studio and gym market and it is now opened for unique and non-generic one on one personal training on Feb 1 2017, and group classes - including Zumba, Ballet Barre Blast and Abs'licious - began Feb. 8, 2017. Participants in the group classes can expect small-class sizes and one-on-one attention to ensure proper form and intensity in order to best achieve results. For those looking for at-home fitness options, UFiiT provides 10-Week Lean, an online program provides allows a custom exercise, weightloss and diet plan as well as access to an online weightloss support and fitness forum.

Fore more information on UFiit, please visit, or @UFiitbyAdrianne on social media.

About UFiit by Adrianne
UFiiT (Ultimate Fitness Interval and Intensity Training) is dedicated to embracing and celebrating individuals. UFiiT was designed and developed by Adrianne Oyewole, B.Sc. and Certified Personal Trainer, to provide safe, comfortable and effective fitness and weightloss solutions for all body types. UFiiT offers one-one and group personal training, as well as group fitness classes – including Abs'licious, Ballet Barre Blast and Zumba. UFiiT is located at 1933 10 Ave SW Calgary.

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